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6 Excuses That Will Sabotage Your Success

The way to squash the excuses is to persist and keep going forward.
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Persistence is an outstanding quality to develop for success in anything in life.

When we’re born, we have persistence. We don’t know how to walk when we are born, yet a child will keep trying. There are no excuses for them. Then they take their first step, then another, and another. Pretty soon, the child is running. When he falls down, he doesn’t stop. He may throw a bit of a hissy fit, but soon he’s at it again.

The same goes for eating. A mother has to feed the baby and show it how to suck. When cereal is introduced, the baby needs to learn what to do with it in the mouth. Next up is finger foods. After a few missed attempts to get the food in the mouth, the toddler improves his aim.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

If You persist and squash those excuses to gain any traction for an improved mindset.

Excuses Will Emerge to Sabotage You

This Isn’t Working

Anytime it takes a while to do something, the first thing you’ll do is swear it isn’t working. This excuse will try to justify that if you aren’t making any progress, you should probably stop wasting your time. There has to be another way. Before you can even give it a chance, you’ll be switching gears and trying something else.

This will not only leave you to feel inadequate but will give you an unfinished graveyard.

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When this thought comes up, acknowledge it like you do every thought and decide to give it more time. That it can’t be a bad thing to try it for a bit longer.

Then get back at it.

I Don’t Have the Time for This

Everyone is in a hurry. It’s the main reason for irritation. Road rage is a clear example of this.

But what if you planned better?

With extra time to get where you need to be, you’ll be able to keep calmer if you get caught in traffic.

You can’t change the traffic, but you can change how you feel about it. So if it happens, use the time to learn how to keep calm. This way, when you need to be more placated, you’ll be able to do so.

Listen to the radio and let the music raise your vibe. Or learn from an uplifting podcast.

Make use of the time instead of getting angry and irritated that will affect your entire day.

This Will Never Happen In My Life Time

If your reaching for a goal on your bucket list, it’s going to take time.

It could take a lot of time.

But as they say, time passes anyway, so why not use the time you have to push toward this goal. Does it really matter if you achieve it?

Of course, it does, but it’s the journey there that is going to give you the pleasure when you achieve it. If you succeed without obstacles to challenge you, do you think you’d be as satisfied?

Plus if it’s that easy, you’re probably not going for the right goal.

It’ll take as long as it takes, but the mindset and personal growth will be the reward.

Success is more than setting goals. It's developing the right mindset so that you can destroy the excuses that will emerge when you try for that goal.
Fernando Hernandez

You Are The Odd Ball

Are your friends accuse you of never hanging out with them? That you’re always busy. And in fact, you are.

If you hang out with people that don’t share your drive to be better in life, you’re probably with the wrong people.

That’s not to say you don’t ever get to do anything with them or that you have to cut them out forever, but you’ll have to make choices.

You need to be determined to get your dream off the ground, then you might have to watch out for what could get in your way.

Or if the people around you are petty and negative; you’ll have to decide if you want to be around that sort of energy.

You may think that it won’t affect you, but it will. Negativity has a way of weaving its way in even if you are determined not to let it.

So if positivity is what you want and you should, limit your negative environment will be a must.

You’re Not Good Enough

This goes back to the walking example I used earlier. The only way you can get good enough or better at anything you do is to practice. You will have to put yourself out there and do the work.

Otherwise, you’ll never get anywhere.

So in essence, this excuse is valid, you aren’t good enough. Yet. That is the keyword. No one succeeds right out of the gate. We all suck at some point or another. Until we put in the work.

I Need To Do This (fill in the blank) First

There will always be things pulling you away from your goal. You have to be determined not to let that happen.

It’s not that important if your house is spotless. If it’s important to you, hire someone to clean it.

When you dream of sitting down to do the work, there will always be laundry to fold, dishes to do, or a Netflix special to watch.

Those things don’t change. You have to change and realize that those things don’t bring you closer to where you want to be.

Decide How to Move Forward

When these things pop up, have a go-to list of what you can do to stop giving in.

Change is hard, and it takes time. And lots of persistence.

Decide you want this and there will be no excuses that will stop you. Dig your feet in the sand and protect your dream.

Excuses won’t improve your life. They’ll keep you stuck. It’s like the chocolate candy bar calling your name the minute you decide to avoid sugar.

They don’t pop up until you decide that you want something different. It’s a challenge that with strong commitment, you can accomplish anything you have on your dream list.

Let me know if this article has helped you and what else you need from me.

Mindset is all about determination to change those thoughts and crush the excuses that sabotage you.
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