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Ten Fun Facts About Sue McConnell



1.) Who is Sue McConnell?
I am one of four children born and raised as a Wisconsin farm girl. I have been married for over thirty years and had two sons.

2.) Why did you choose to write in the Christian market?
I tried the contemporary steamy romance and in fact had five of those books published. I have since received my rights back to those books. I also have a sweet contemporary romance currently with Black Velvet Seductions. But as my faith grows stronger I have been pulled to write in the non-fiction market. But the ideas for a Christian romance still taunt me. All of my books will now be directed by my faith in God.

3.) How does your faith help you in life?
I believe it is God that has blessed me in so many ways. He has blessed me with this talent, and he blesses me with ideas for my books whether they are fiction or non-fiction. I hope to show His blessings in my books and help my readers to enjoy their gift of life.

4.) What are your books based on?
As a child, I worked on the family farm and spent hours with my Grandparents. My fiction books will reflect that. They will take place in Wisconsin in fictional small towns that will often take place on or near a farm. My non-fiction books will help women build confidence in their faith with God.

5.) What is your writing process?
I start with a detailed outline. From there I expand the outline as many times as it takes to produce a finished product. I write this all in longhand before I type it into a word document. I found writing it in longhand helps to keep the writer block monster at bay.

6.) Who are your writing buddies?
I have four cats, one male and three females and one black male lab and one female yellow lab. They surround me with love.

7.)Who are your favorite authors?
Danielle Steel has always been a favorite of mine. Some of her earlier books I have read several times. For historical fiction, I love Rosanne Bittner. She has recently started writing new stories I’m excited to read. I recently found Denise Hunter who is another Christian, romance author.

8.) What TV shows do you binge on?
I love Nashville and Survivor. I can re-watch Friends one hundred times, and it’ll never get old for me. I tend to find myself watching the Hallmark Channel movies quite often also.

9.) What do you do when you’re not writing?
I make cards and do paper crafting. I design the cards and make them by hand for either my stamp group or my Gifts By Sue McConnell Etsy shop. I also read whenever I have the time.

10.) How can I keep in touch?

Be sure to connect with me at: Facebook. Twitter, and Pinterest.

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