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Avoid The Buyer Remorse Aggravation

Remember when we were excited about the prospect of skipping through the ads we’d see on TV? The invention of DVR’s was genius. We didn’t have to have those annoying commercials to aggravate us anymore.

Then came social media. Our feeds became littered with ads. And clever ones at that. The cause us to click on them which tells the social media experts what we are interested in and they give us more like-minded ads. They manipulate our minds into thinking that is what we need in life and the sooner, the better. Before we know it, we are broke and running out of extra space in our houses.

The best thing to do before you buy is to stop. Harder than it sounds. But let your brain catch up with your impulse. Take a step back and ask if you need it. It’s the job of the ad to make you feel a sense of urgency. Like you need it right now or else.

Take a minute to have a conversation with God. It may sound funny to ask God if you need that purse or pair of shoes, but by doing so not only will you give him the control. You’ll also shut down the urgency in your thought process that you need it, and you need it now!

Walk away from it. Once you do so, you may realize that you forgot all about it. The urgency will be slash, and you’ll be able to make a more rational decision instead of putting an instant dent in your bank account.

Sometimes the urge to buy won’t even be about the object but more about your emotion you’re feeling right than and there. How many times are we bored and we go to the computer to try and fill the void. Try to find another way to shift the emotion. Call a friend. Read a book. Study the word. Journal. Don’t let your emotions control your wallet. Marketers seek out these pain points of emotion to try and push you to buy.

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Are you using objects to fill the void instead of God?

Idols are spoken a lot of in the books of Kings. Almost every King turned to worshiping idols instead of worshiping our God. And it brought them nothing but misery. King after King wouldn’t learn from the past King and would switch to worshiping an idol instead of God.

Sometimes our wants turn into idols. They don’t start out that way but if we want something so bad and it’s all we can focus on, is it considered an idol? All we need to do is put our focus on God and eventually everything will fall into place.

It can sneak up on us too. I find myself obsessing over something and falling into the trap of the marketers and make the purchase. It has given me buyers remorse more times than I can count. If I had just taken a step back and gave it time and prayed about it, I wouldn’t have too much stuff and not enough room for it and still felt empty inside.

Things and stuff will not fill us up. It’s why storage units are in such high demand. It’s one reason why we are so unorganized. When we depend on an object to fill us up, we’re looking in the wrong direction. We’ll never find the contentment that we are so desperately seeking. Look to God for your satisfaction and not an object.

Here are five verses to help you turn your focus to God before you decide to buy:

Ecclesiastes 5:10

Hebrews 13:5

Matthew 6:24

Luke 12:33

Acts 8:20


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