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Paradise Why is it when we are on vacation or a long holiday, time flies by like the blink of an eye? We can sit at our jobs and we watch the clock. We watch for break time, lunch time, and quitting time. The clock is our friend. We have duties to accomplish before we clock … Read the rest
We all have our vices. Things we know aren’t good for us. Things we know we should pass up. In life we form habits. The dictionary describes it as an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. If these habits we form are good for us. Great. It’s the ones that aren’t that are the hardest to break. It may appear to be … Read the rest
We’d love to be happy and content every day of our lives. Unfortunately it’s not possible. Sometimes it’s just a bad mood and we can pull ourselves out of it. It may only take a lunch date with a friend, a minute or two with a super, cute puppy, (Who could resist that face above?) or a … Read the rest
Some people are born with luck on their side. No matter what they touch, they win. They play the slots and walk out either richer or they have broken even. Others of us have the fortune of bad luck. Once in a great while everything falls into place without much effort. Most times it’s a … Read the rest

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