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Just because card made with Cricut Cardstock.
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The Cricut Explore machine that I own is an amazing machine and does so many things. I haven’t even touched on a quarter of what it can do.

But if it’s overwhelming you, than maybe just start making a card using their cardstock. 

And if you don’t have the machine, don’t let that stop you from enjoying their accessories.

Like I did even though I do own it.

Just Because Card

I decided to make an all occasion card using Cricut’s amazing cardstock.  Their cardstock comes in sheets of 12×12. This is geared to fit their mats and their machines that cut the paper or vinyl. They also have bigger sizes of 12×24 and this size will take one of their special sized mats.

Since I wasn’t using the machine, I used the 12×12 size in a lovely minty color. Of course because the paper is bigger, I did have to cut this to the standard size of 8 ½ x 5 ½. It was then folded in half.

Cricut Cardstock

There is a different texture on each side of the Cricut’s cardstock. One side is mostly smooth while the other has a bit of texture to it.

They also have 12×12 patterned sheets. I had picked up this design while it was on sale. One side has the design and the other has a solid color.

Both sides of the Cricut patterned cardstock.
Both Sides Of The Cricut Patterned Cardstock

Using the patterned side I cut a piece to fit on the front leaving a thin minty green border around the patterned paper.

Cricut patterned cardstock.
Cricut Patterned Cardstock

Mint Triangles

To give the card more depth, I cut two minty green triangles and taped them to the corners. This left a stripe of the patterned paper in between.

Triangles with the mint Cricut cardstock.
Mint Triangles

Deep Red Daisies Stamp

With the Misti Mini, I stamped a daisies design onto the solid color of the patterned paper by using Memento Tuxedo Black ink. The stamp is from Deep Red.

Stamped with Memento Tuxedo back ink using the stamp by Deep Red.
Deep Red Stamp Using The Memento Tuxedo Ink

Scallop Circle Punch

By using a circle scallop punch by EK, I was able to punch out an almost perfect circle around the daisies. This is a 2 inch punch. I attached the scallop circle of daisies in the center of the patterned paper stripe.

Scallop circle punch that cut out the stamp of daisies.
Scallop Punch Cut Out Of The Daisies

Customized Gems

White self-adhesive gems were colored with a rose colored sharpie and attached in the outer corners. Then white gems were attached at the remaining triangle ends.

Self-adhesive gems colored with a Sharpie.
Sharpie Colored White Gems

Inside Of Card

Because I used the smooth side of the Cricut cardstock it left the texture side on the inside of the card. To give it the smooth texture I wanted,  I glued a piece of the solid side of the patterned paper to the inside of the card.

On the inside of the card the solid color side of the patterned paper was used because of the texture of the mint cardstock.
Inside Of Card With Solid Side Of Patterned Cardstock.

By not using a salutation, it makes it an all occasion card that can be used for almost anything.

All occasion card made with Cricut Cardstock.
Just Because Card

Sometimes the simplest of cards turn out to be the best looking cards.

Drop a comment below if you like to use Cricut cardstock for homemade cards without using the Cricut machines?

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