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Getting What You Want God’s Way

You pray. You praise. You ask. You beg.
And nothing.

You see others have what they ask for.
You hear about other’s blessings, and you can’t help to wonder what you did wrong.

But don’t despair.

Instead be patient and stop to look for the blessings you already have in your life.
Even through a disaster, there is an upside. You may have to search deep, and it may be small, but there is one. Look.

When you find it, focus on it. Blessings are given to us by God, but they are never a free ride. They can come out of the blue and are gifts from God.

But sometimes we have to earn them and sometimes come with a lot of hard work. These are the blessings that make us feel like we won. These are the kind of blessings that fill us up inside and bring on gratitude. Like the finish line after a marathon.

Before we get our driver license, there is a lot of training and practice we must do. And then we have a pass a test before we that license is rewarded to us. And after we receive that license, there are a lot more circumstances that we have to go through before we can call ourselves an experienced driver.

While you’re waiting for your blessings, train and practice for it. Show God that you are ready to take it on. And that you’re prepared for the circumstances that the blessing will bring to you. Because along with happiness you will also receive trials to pass through.

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Don’t fixate on the object. We get caught up in what we want and we forget the journey we endured to get there. But the journey is what makes us grow. Every moment of it, fun or not will get you ready for what is ahead.

What if you do it your way instead of God’s way?

Sometimes we take matters into our own hands and push the issue. You think you don’t need God’s help and you go out on your own. Then things start to go wrong, and you find yourself in a rotten situation. You wonder if you had waited on God if things would have turned out better. Will he desert you now that you went against his timeline?

God will never leave you.

All you have to do is turn back to him and ask for his help, and he will be right there once again. He will not turn his back on you, but you must wait and be patient even if it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.

Think of Daniel in the Lion Den. (Daniel 6)

He wouldn’t stop worshipping the Lord. He turned his back on the law of man knowing that if he didn’t worship the King, he would be thrown into the Den of hungry lions. Still, he trusted the Lord to keep him safe. He didn’t hide it and keep praying three times a day. And he got caught, and the King had to abide by his law even though he favored Daniel. Daniell was sealed in the Den all night, but not one lion touched him because the angel of the Lord sealed their mouths shut. Daniel was saved, but his accusers and their families were not.

Can you imagine having that much faith in God to be able to sit in a den of hungry lions and know you won’t be harmed? It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. But patience and trust in God are what it can do for us.

Don’t let your need and want of something color your vision. Instead of jumping into it, spend some time with God. Pray. Read the scripture. If we are meant to have it, we don’t need to rush. He will lead us if we let him and that takes patience and faith. And a lot of understanding that God really does know best.

Here are some verses to pray on and study to boost your faith and patience:

Ecclesiastes 7:8

Isaiah 7:13

Romans 2:4

2 Corinthians 6:6

Colossians 1:11

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