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Gift Tags and Promise Me Creative Corner Checkup



This was a difficult week for some Americans. We are a passionate group. That is not a bad thing. But sometimes it can be hard. Try to be kind and show compassion to those that are having a hard time today and always.

Be kind and show compassion to those that are having a hard time today and always. Click To Tweet

Enough preaching.

This week I finished my rough outline of Promise Me. Now I have to put the beats into the story to give you an amazing page turner. As writers, we don’t always succeed at that, but we sure try. As I’m doing my outline, there were new details of my characters that surfaced. It’ll be fun to weave them into the story. What has started out as a short story has become a full-blown novel.

I love Christmas, and it has been fun making the gift tags to dazzle gifts with. I used to take such care to wrap my gifts for my children only to have them rip off the paper in seconds. But it was all good because the surprise on their faces that always ended with a huge grin was excitement enough for me.

When I was a kid, Christmas was not a very happy time. My mother didn’t really like the holiday, and my father didn’t think we needed gifts. It was a constant tension between the two of them. My mom would buy us the gifts with a part-time job she had, but I think it made her resent my father a bit that he didn’t contribute. She did her best, and I’m grateful that she tried. It made me look at Christmas with my children in a whole different light.

Therefore I find it fun to make gift tags to help others make their gift giving festive.

Do you like wrapping gifts? Do you go out of your way to make it festive?

Be sure to pick up a copy of Sympathy Dance. A sweet romance that takes place New Year’s Eve.

Sympathy Dance
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