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Another Glass Bowl Craft

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DIY cute Dollar Tree Mrs. Snowman using repurposed glass bowls.
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I started out this week trying to make a winter snow globe, but it was a bust. Even though I put a lot of time and effort trying to make it work, I abandoned the idea. Sometimes as a crafter we have to learn to pivot.

So instead I decided that I would go with making another snowman but this time turn it into a snow woman. You can visit my fishbowl snowman tutorial here. I used some of the same steps with this DIY as I did with the snowman.

Mrs. Snowman Was Born

I used the same glass bowls from the Dollar Tree as I did for the male version. Unfortunately after my snow globe debacle, I didn’t have any faux snow left to use for inside of the bowls. And I live a half hour away from a store. So I, as per usual, improvised.

Fish bowls to repurpose into Mrs. Snowman.
Fish Bowls From The Dollar Tree

White cardstock.

Walmart sells a brand called Georgia Pacific white cardstock. But regular printer paper could also be used for this.

Georgia Pacific card stock paper.
Cardstock Purchased At Walmart

By using my paper cutter, I cut out several thin slips of the paper. There is no need to measure it or get particular. Just cut random thin pieces. Each bowl took approximately two sheets of paper.

White cardstock cut into thin strips with the paper cutter.
Thin Strips Cut With Paper Cutter

After I had the strips of paper cut, I took the strips and rolled the paper. No glue was used to keep the rolled paper together. It looks better if the paper unravels a bit and sits loosely in the glass bowl.

White cardstock was rolled and placed in the glass bowl.
Rolled White Cardstock In The Fish Bowl

The glass bowls were glued together with a glue gun to make her body.

Her Face On The Re-purposed Fish Bowls

The same SVG snowman face SVG was used that I used for Mr. Snowman. I got these faces from As I said before, these SVG’s can be purchased for very little money, especially when they run their specials. Using Cricut Design Space I uploaded the SVG into Design Space and deleted all but the female face.

Her face cut from Cricut black vinyl and Cricut orange cardstock
Mrs. Snowman Face

Again I used the Cricut black vinyl and the Cricut Explore to cut out the mouth and her eyes. Aren’t those eye lashes to die for?

Orange cardstock was used for the carrot nose.

For her neckline, I used a scallop design cut out from pink cardstock. This is actually a design in Cricut Access for a rolled paper rose. You can get the membership to Access paying a monthly fee and the flower design as well as others comes with the membership. But for this, it works perfect to give her a feminine look.

Neck line scallop cut from Cricut cardstock for the snowman.
Neck Line Scallop Cut From Cardstock

Her Winter Hat

For the hat I used a baby newborn hat I had picked up from Walmart. The fit is perfect. A hot glue gun was used to glue the hat on to the top glass bowl. A pretty pink rolled flower was hot glued onto the hat to give her a proper lady look.

A baby cap topped the glass bowl to give her a cute hat.
A Newborn Hat Purchased From Walmart

There was also in Design Space a pattern to use the Cricut Explore to cut out mini hats, mittens and scarfs. My intentions were to use this pattern for the snow globes but instead I used it for her hands. I attached these polka dot pink mittens to her sides giving her hands.

Polka dot mittens adorn her hands.
Polka Dot Mittens For Her Hands

To give her a more dressed up look, I also added some self-adhesive gems that I had colored with a hot pink Sharpie. These were attached to the bottom glass bowl running down the middle.

Self adhesive gems were colored with a pink Sharpie.
Pink Sharpie Colored Gems

She turned out as cute as Mr. Snowman.

Two glass fish bowls repurposed into a cute female snowman.
Meet Mrs. Snowman

Through trial and error, I repurposed the fish bowls into a pretty female snowman.

What do you think? Will you try this? What would you change?

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