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How God’s Strength Will Help You Through The Pain

Job 8:21

God will let you laugh again:

You’ll raise the roof with shouts of joy.

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Let’s be blunt. Bad breaks suck.

Health issues are scary.

Death is a kind of sadness that crushes your soul.

Financial woes are beyond depressing.

But we all experience them. It’s life. But good always follows bad. It’s the way of the world.

You may be saying it’s not fair. I didn’t cause this. Why can’t I catch a break? I get it and, I can’t disagree. But these bad breaks give us character if we do it right.

Each loss brings a gain.

We have to tough it out and get through the muck, and we will leave behind the weakness to make us stronger.

We have to tough it out and get through the muck, and we will leave behind the weakness to make us stronger. Click To Tweet

God Can Help

If you turn to God, He will help you to come through and you’ll be closer to Him.

It’s hard and it’s certainly not fun. We want to rush through it. No one likes to hurt and feel down. Resist it.

You need to face it head on, be strong and get through it.

We can’t let our pain swallow us whole even if we want it to.

When I look back to when I lost my mom, I realized how much I have gained in the tragedy. It didn’t feel like I was gaining anything at the time as I trudged through the grief. I have never been through anything so painful. It crushed me.

Then I look back and realize how much I’ve grown. In my faith, in my marriage, and as a person. I’ve grown closer to God. I learned to lean on Him.

I took care of my mom in her last years of life. We spent a lot of time together. I wouldn’t change anything about my time with her. Now that she’s gone and I made it through the grief, I realize God is telling me it’s time to take care of myself. I struggle with that selfish act. I looked for people who need to be taken care of to fill the void.

Then God told me I am that void. It’s time to realize my dreams. It’s time to encourage others with my writing, cards, and blogs. I’m here to show you the goodness of God and how powerful he is. How he can change your life even when you’re down in the trenches of gloom and doom.

We will get through it easier if we ask Him to help.

Don’t plow through your struggles. Take the time to learn from them. Let yourself grow.

Ask God to teach you and listen to what he has to say. Ask him to let you hear him and then sit quietly for a while.

Trust in God.

The following I have listed five verses for you to use to help you through your current struggle. Memorize them for the times you areĀ in need of God’s strength.

Deuteronomy 31:6

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Isaiah 41: 10

Psalm 55: 22

Psalm 34: 17-8

Do you have a story you can share when God’s strength has helped you through a difficult time?

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