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Holiday Crunch


Our weather took a drastic turn this week in Wisconsin. Sixty-degree temps on Friday and thirties with thirty to forty mile hour winds on Saturday. It amazes me how quick the weather can change. It’ll be the start of a long winter.

I am making good headway with Promise Me. I even discovered that Xander, my hero, has a much older sister. He has never developed a good relationship with his father and now that he is back in his hometown for his cousin’s wedding, he has no choice but to face those demons.

Kind of like Thanksgiving dinner with our families for some of us. LOL. Try to make the most of it. After my mom died last year, I realize we are only here for such a short time. We might as well make the most of it right?

I finished my design for my first gift tag that I will be putting up on Etsy. It’s glittery and fits the Christmas season perfectly. What do you think?

I have other ideas for more gift tags too. I’ll show you more next week.


I also made my design for my stamp group. I won’t be able to reveal it until after we meet in December. I can’t give away the surprise. Now I’m looking ahead to Valentines Day.

I hope that those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving have a great holiday. Put the diets aside for the day and enjoy the good food. I would never be able to deprive myself of the stuffing, potatoes, and gravy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

What are you favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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