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Late November Creative Checkup

Christmas Tree


I can’t believe it’s almost December already. Where did the year go? It seems like I hear that a lot from people. Do you feel the same?

Did you get your Christmas decorations up yet? I did mine today, but I haven’t decorated my tree. I don’t get to put many ornaments on my tree because my two labs don’t like a decorated tree. They will take them off even though they are almost four years old. Oye. How long do you think I have to wait for them to lose the puppy stage?

When they were pups.

Since January is right around the corner, it’s time to plan ahead for the new year. Do you do this every year too only to find out that you haven’t crossed many things off that list? Don’t feel bad. It happens to the majority of us. I have so many books that I want to get written, but I haven’t finished even a quarter of the books. Still, don’t give up. If we keep at it, we will eventually make progress.

Speaking of writing, Promise Me is coming along. I have about half of the outline finished. Then I’ll go through it again to expand the outline before sitting down to write it.

I finished my first set of gift tags. I have so many ideas flying through my mind it’s hard to pick one to work on. But I’m going to work on more this week, and I hope to open my Etsy store soon.


I have purchased some more items or toys as I call them. I’m anxious to get started on them. I will be moving toward Valentine’s Day soon. I think I will do more cards for this holiday as I know more women buy Valentine’s Day cards than men. At least that has been my experience.

Do you have any special plans for the holiday? How about for the new year?

If you are looking for a holiday romance to read, you can pick up Sympathy Dance. It’s a fast read and only 99 cents.


Sympathy Dance
Can Wyatt prove himself and win the girl of his dreams? A tender western romance proving that the course of love never runs smoothly.

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