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Listen Up Advice For Your Dream Writer Life

Writers podcasts advise is a great way to learn some tips and tricks on writing.

Writer podcasts are a wonderful invention to help you learn and implement. There are so many podcasts at your disposal that beautiful people share with you. It gives you an avenue where you can learn for free. And you may not think you have time to listen to them, but if you find the time for it, you’ll gain more knowledge to help your writing journey.

The people that do the podcasts are sharing their trials and errors of their journey. You can take this knowledge and use it for yourself.

Even as a writer, there is some valuable podcast to listen to further your writing career.

Although there are several, these are five podcasts I suggest you give a listen.

The Story Studio Podcast

I have mentioned this podcast a lot in my blogs. It is a podcast that consists of three writers living the dream of being full-time writers. They collaborate. Sean collaborates with Johnny and also with Dave. It can be a little rough around the edges, but they always give out fantastic advice that you can utilize.

They once had a writing conference and ran a mastermind with writers. Through the years, they have established knowledge that they’re willing to share with new and old writers alike.

Plus, they have published numerous writer nonfiction books. The Story Solution, The 10X Author, and Write. Publish. Repeat are only a few of the nonfiction books they have produced.

The Creative Penn

The speaker of this podcast is Joanna Penn. She starts off the podcast with publishing news that is very helpful to help you keep track of what is happening in the writing world.

Each week she has a guest on her podcast that adds to the reason it is added to this writer podcasts list. And even if you aren’t interested in the particular guest, she has, be sure to listing to the first few minutes to get the publishing news.

Her nonfiction books are How To Make A Living With Your Writing, Business For Authors and How to Market A Book are three of her Books For Writers series. And of course, she has published fiction books too.

She is stationed in the UK, so she has a delicious accent.

You don't need to do this alone. There are authors out there that want to help you succeed.

The Self Publishing Show

Another good one to add to the writer podcasts list is with James Blatch and Mark Dawson. They are both published authors. At the beginning of the podcast, they share some banter as they talk about publishing, their own lives, and their books.

The guests always have informative information that you can use in your writing.

Mark Dawson also has a ton of courses that will help you place all kinds of Ads and how to self- publish. They can be pricey, but it’s always good to invest in your craft. His course website is called Self Publishing Formula.

I recently took the course of How To Write A Bestseller by Suzy Quinn. It seems basic, but she had a ton of helpful nuggets in there.

The Writers’ Well

I just came across this podcast recently. Rachel Herron was on The Story Studio Podcast, and I thought I’d give this one a listen. She cohosts with J. Thorn on topics that they pick apart. They are both writers and share what has worked for them.

They also have other podcasts that they do as well as their writing. Rachel writes in several different markets.

Online Marketing Made Easy

This is not an exact match to the writer podcasts list because it’s not a writer podcast, but Amy Porterfield runs it. I also mention her a lot. She is all about email marketing and digital courses. If you want to dip your toe into building a writer course, she is your gal. She has so much information to share, and her podcasts alone will give you what you need. But as you may have guessed, she has courses too. Digital Course Academy is about course building.

But her email marketing course, List Builders Society, (Affiliate Link) is gold since, as writers, we also need to have an email list. What she teaches on the podcast has to be tweaked a bit for writers, but it will get you started.

She is big on ConvertKit (Affiliate Link)as I am too.

And she’ll give you a bit of info on how to put up a pop-up and how to use a lead magnet to build that list.

I’m sure you have heard this a few times, but I’ll remind you again. You do not own anything on social media, and they can make changes to it at any time. But you do own your website and your list. I’m not that great at building that list either, but we all know that we need to. So let’s get building that list.

Bonus Podcast-The Life Coach School Podcast

Don’t discredit this to the list of writer podcasts list since it’s another non-writing podcast. However, Brooke Castillo is terrific for your mindset. Let’s face it. We need the right mindset to keep that inner critic out of our heads. Everyone needs to know how to manage our thoughts and brains for a better, brighter life.

A business podcast and be as helpful as writer podcasts. After all writing is a business.

She shares some great information that will blow your mind but also whip your thoughts into shape.

These are some of the podcasts that I listen to every week. Now granted, if I feel like it doesn’t relate to me, I skip that episode. But all in all, I usually will listen to all of them.

You can take your podcasts on the road with you and listen while you’re driving. Or you can take them on a walk and learn while you’re working out. Learning takes time away from your writing, but it also enhances it.

Keeping your mind in the game is essential and will up your writing productivity in the long run.

Do you listen to podcasts? Or are you a reader and like to learn that way? How about writing courses? Do you dive into them as well?

Drop a comment below and let me know if you listen to podcasts and which ones have helped you in your writing journey. And please like, share and subscribe to my list, so you know every time I drop an article.

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