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Look To Your Faith To Move On

True He wounds, but He also dresses the wound.

Job 17-19, New Message


Do you feel like if you let go, you’ll be losing out?

Or that if you quit you’ll be a quitter?

It’s hard to quit sometimes but letting go doesn’t mean you are quitting.

It means trusting in your faith and moving on to your next phase of the path God wants you to pursue.

But how do you know?

Maybe God wants you to continue. But you don’t know if it’s true. Do you continue or do you not?

I struggle with this all the time.

I don’t like to quit because it makes me feel weak. It makes me feel like I haven’t tried enough.

However, I slow down and listen to my gut which I believe is God’s compass.

I pray on it.

I focus on it.

And sometimes He tells me to turn the corner. To move on. That He has something better ahead for me. To start anew. In a different way.

You can too. Look back to the path you’ve been following. Is it filled with stones that make you stumble? Is there an easier way?

Pray on it and if God is closing that door take the easier path.

Listen to your compass.

Listen to your compass. It will never steer you wrong. Click To Tweet

It may take a while to discover that compass but don’t give up.

Ask God to show you. He will show you. You’ll be amazed at how much he can show you. He wants you to grow in him, and he will never let you go. Ever.

If you need to dig deeper, writing in a journal┬ácan help. It’s like writing a letter to God. Below are five more verses that shows you that God has your back.


Do you have any other verses that are you go to when you feel like giving up?

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