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Easy Beautiful E-Card to Spotlight a Birthday

Digital happy birthday card design made in Canva. This can be printed or sent digitally.
Happy Birthday E-Card

Instead of a physical homemade card, this is a birthday e-card. With the world going digital, it might be a good idea to make e-cards too.

Canva The Beginner Graphic Designers Friend

This card was made using the online program Canva. They have a free version and a more robust version that you can pay a monthly fee for. This was made with the free version.

When you go on the Canva website you pick the design you want to make. It already has the dimensions but if you need a different dimension, you select the custom dimension option.

5×7 E-Card Design

This is the design for a card which is 5×7. You can also change the dimensions to 7×5 to flip the shape of the card the opposite way.

Shop Toys on

Once you select the design, you will be taken to where you’ll make the design. For this card, I picked a plain background. To your left, you’ll see where you can select a background. There will be several backgrounds you can choose from. Some are free and some you have to pay for.

I selected the background color wheel at the top left. Here you can play around with the color by selecting the plus sign.

By selecting the color wheel on the Canva website, you will be able to make the background whatever color you choose.
Rose Colored Background

Then I choose a box under the elements tab. I sized it to what I wanted it to be.

On Canva they have elements you can add to your design for your e-card. This rounded corner box came from the shapes section of the elements.
From The Elements Tab Under Shapes

But I didn’t want it to be white so I again went to the color wheel and picked a gray color.

I changed the center box to gray from the color wheel in Canva. And I sized it to the background.
Rose and Gray Backgrounds.

I repeated the same step but made this box a lighter version of the rose color and sized it a bit smaller.

The E-Card now has three different layers all created by Canva.
Three Layers of the E-Card.

Now to add the salutation and a bit more design, I used my favorite font called Berkshire Swash that is free on the Canva website. You choose the color of the font and also the size of the font. The size of the happy birthday is 42. I did each word separate so I could position them where I wanted them.

Canva already has plenty of fonts you can choose from. My favorite is Berkshire Swash because it's fancy yet easy to read.
Happy Birthday is the Berkshire Swash from Canva

I had already purchased several graphics from The flower swash was uploaded from my computer. Canva has several pictures and elements you can use for free or pay a small fee, but I like it that I can upload my own. Also, has some amazing graphics that don’t cost that much.

The clip art on this card was purchased from
Digital Card With Flower Clip Art

The right corner of the card needed a bit more so this butterfly completed the card.

Finished card all designed with the Canva website. It's ready to be printed or sent digitally.
Finished Digital Card

This card can be printed right from the website either to your computer or you can have Canva print it and send to you for a minimal charge. Or instead, you can download it to your computer and send it as an e-card.

This card doesn’t take any products or supplies. All you need is a bit of patience and creativity. With the world going digital, this is a great way to practice making digital cards.

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Canva ideas for a digital card design idea for a happy birthday e-card.
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