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Take Control Of The Mind Benders For A Successful Finish

Manage your mindset and the mind benders that comes with writing a book for a successful finish.

Deciding to write a book, an article, or a short story is the easiest decision you’ll make. This decision can come on a whim. It sounds great. You’ll write that novel and be a millionaire like all the other writers.

And of course, they may have decided that very same thing before they were well known.

But I can guarantee you that deciding is the easy part. To manage your mindset might take some practice. Because once you have to string those words together, you’ll want to recant that decision. You’ll have put your mind into such a chaotic mess, and it’s going to work overtime to get you to throw in the towel.

Not to mention how you ever thought you could be a writer.

The Writer In You

Not every writer starts as a child or teenager. You’ve heard the stories that they always wrote. Or they would rewrite a book that they had read.

I was never one of those kids. But I did always want to be an author. And I was hooked on reading. It wasn’t easy back then because we didn’t have Kindles, and I lived miles away from a library, nor was there a bus to take me to the library. Instead, I would beg my mom to give me a ride there. Then I’d be so overwhelmed trying to choose from so many books. It’d take me hours to make a decision. Not really. My mom would have never waiting for hours.

You don’t always have to want to write. Nor do you have to be the one that created stories. But it might help if you had a vivid imagination as a child. But it’s not required.

They say we all have a story in our heads.

Manage your mindset and get that story in your head onto paper or a word document.

You Can Manage Your Mindset

All it takes is a firm decision to write a story or a nonfiction book. And then get ready for your mind to make mind trips on you, unlike any acid trip. (I never did acid but sometimes the way my mind gives me whiplash I wonder.) And to manage your mindset is a trip in itself.

I’ve talked about the mindset in a blog here. The ego is a peculiar thing. It will help you get where you want to go, or it’ll hinder you.

But take that story or idea that has been bugging you and start to run with it. Make some notes. See where it takes you.

Then break it down into an outline. Take that outline and elaborate it into scenes. Does it make sense? Does it take the heroine or hero on a journey that will captivate your audience?

If not, flush it out a little more. But if it does, it’s time to write that first rough draft.

Then Comes The Mind Bender

Once you sit in front of that computer, the fun and games are over. It becomes real. And your ego is going to try and talk you out of writing. You’ll be cleaning and thinking about your story, and an idea comes to mind. You can’t wait to sit down and write.

And then your ego takes over, and you prolong the writing. You find several things to do beforehand. By the time you sit down to flush out your idea, it’s either gone or too exhausted to write. And you don’t have the strength to outrun your debilitating mindset.

I’ve had this happen more times than I can count. Or it sounds good in my head, but when I try to write it, it doesn’t look good at all.

How To Run Over Your Ego

Now we have the tough part. Because anything you write, you can mold into something better. But if you don’t get it out of your head and onto paper or word doc, it’s never going to get written.

If you aren’t capable of sitting and writing your scene out at the moment, you think of it, put it into a note system. Either on your phone, computer, or even a piece of paper. And then leave it to stew a bit.

But if you can get to your word document, start typing as fast as you can. Don’t edit as you go, just get it out. Tell your ego you don’t have time for it right now. It’s an easier way to manage your mindset.

Once you have it out of your head, let it sit for a day or so and go back to it. Your ego will praise you, and you’ll see it’s not that bad. You’ll have something to work with. And your ego will see that maybe you can write this book.

Writers keep their imagination active and it helps with writing that story and managing your mindset.

Every Day Process

I’d like to tell you that eventually, you won’t have to worry about your ego trying to sabotage your dream of being a writer. But it’ll still pop up for you. Maybe not every day, but it’s there. It wants to protect you from being hurt and from people that will trash your book. I have news for you. There will always be someone that won’t like your book. We all have different likes, so don’t take it personally. Unless it’s a common theme, then you might want to work in that area.

Every day, you need to do some sort of business of writing to keep you in the game. It may just be imagining your story, so it might be a little easier for you to sit down to write. But get into your story and live it every day. If done right, this could be your legacy. But not unless you write it.

Talk To Your Ego Like A Stern Parent

There are days when you just have to embrace your ego. Thank it for protecting you, but be firm and lead it to where you want to go. Sounds silly, but it’s almost like it’s a part of us. It’ll never leave, so it might as well be accepted into your life as if it’s that annoying person who supports you but can drive you batty.

How about you? What are your ways of taming the ego to get the words out? Be sure to leave a comment below. Like and subscribe to this blog to get more tricks and tips to being a productive writer.

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