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Can a Positive Money Mindset Aid in Early Retirement?

Believe in a positive money mindset and you'll find it easier to save your money and find happiness.
Practicing a positive money mindset is the key to wealth.

Do you have positive money mindset? Or do you worry nonstop about what you’ll do when you can’t work anymore?

As we age there can be so much worries that we could push aside when we were younger. After all don’t we have years and years to figure it out?

Money mindset is the key to having wealth for woman who think that they will never be able to retire early.
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Yet here we are. middle aged and we didn’t address it in our younger years.

And with retirement hopefully on the not so distant horizon, we wonder why we didn’t do something about it sooner.

Don’t let that get you all worked up.

I believe that there are always able to retire. It’s how we want to live out those retirement years that matter.

If you want to live like the rich and famous and you are still up to your neck in debt and have no cushion of a retirement fund, it could be very difficult for you.

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But if you get into the right money mindset, it is doable.

Because I for one, plan on retiring early and as I write this, I’m sitting at 56. And if it doesn’t work out, I’ll work a little longer. But I won’t let mindset scarcity to put me in a funk and let my mind run rough shod over me because I didn’t plan better.

No matter where you are in life, start now.

So what exactly is money mindset and how can it help us in retirement? This is the definition straight from google:

money mindset is the overriding attitude that you have about your finances. It drives how you make key financial decisions every day. And it can have a big impact on your ability to achieve your goals. If you change your mindset about money, you tend to make better choices about how to overcome challenges.

So according to this, it’s all about our attitude about our finances. And I believe this. I didn’t always. It won’t lead you to riches instantly but with hard work it’ll help.

How the money scarcity mentality can keep you poor

It seems simple. Spend less than you bring in. But it’s not. With all the technology coming at is enticing us with new promises. If you buy this, you will get this. And we see it everywhere, in our social feeds, on TV, and in our email boxes.

In my own experience, I find that when we’re unhappy in our lives, we tend to try to buy that happiness. If there is a promise of happiness in an ad, than don’t you want it? Maybe not always but advertising steer us. And when we’re unhappy we’re weaker. We impulse buy.

I was a slave to this for many years. I’d be feeling down run across something on social media with a promise of how it would enrich my live and I’d be intrigued. I wanted my life to be enriched. On impulse I’d pull out my debit card and buy.

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And for a few moments or days I would feel good as I dove into my new purchase. But then it would wear off. Because if you are buying stuff to make you happy than you aren’t addressing the real issue.

And sometimes it’s just about letting yourself feel down and uncomfortable and letting your brain know you’ll be okay in a few days.

One way to stop this is to set a rule that you’ll come back to it after you’ve had a day or two to think about if this purchase is what you are looking for. In a day or two you may decide that you don’t need it.

Increase Your Money Mindset

Another trick I use is to journal my vision. Each morning I vision what I want in my life and I write it down. Some people will close their eyes and meditate on it. I find it easier to keep my mind on topic when I write it down.

If I make sure that I don’t buy it on impulse and instead vision journal about it, than after a few days the excitement wears off and I tend to realize I don’t need that purchase. Instead I would rather save my money and pay off debt.

I vision about what it will feel like to have no debt and plenty of money in the bank at my disposal.

I don’t believe we need to live like the poor, but in our minds we can be as rich as we want. Once the mind accepts this, it won’t be yearning for something that looks nice and pretty and shiny because it won’t need it.

By increasing the riches in your mind, you’ll also be increasing your money mindset to be satisfied with what you have. More good things will come to you more naturally and you’ll be able to satisfy that desire more easily by purchasing things you can afford and truly want.

Using Gratitude for Money Mindset Success

Gratitude is a very powerful asset that we all have at our disposal. Carrying around anger or a poor pitiful me attitude will feed the scarcity mindset. And a scarcity mindset will stall out any money mindset that you may be trying to establish.

It does take practice but something that should be practiced every minute of the day. Because there will be tough times ahead. It’s a given and these gratitude practices will help you in those times.

Especially with a positive money mindset.

When your basement floods, or you’re hit with a tornado and it demolishes your house, you’re going to need that gratitude to pull you through. Yes the proper insurance will help but insurance doesn’t cover everything. And it won’t cover the feelings that these disasters bring to the surface.

Only gratitude will give you that.

By being thankful every day for something, you’ll also be able to control your money mindset into the positive direction so you don’t use it to buffer those feelings.

Money is a great tool, but we put a lot of our resources into it. When really it is the mind that can control everything if we so choose.

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If you are looking to retire and you’re afraid you won’t be able to, work on increasing your money mindset into the positive direction and you will figure out how it can be done.

How about you? What tricks do you use to help in your money mindset? Drop a comment below.

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