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November’s Creative Corner Checkup


It was a beautiful fall day here in Wisconsin. Felt more like September than November. It’s always a treat to have 60’s this time of the year instead of the normal 40’s. The trees have almost lost their autumn glow. And we turned the clocks back this weekend, so nightfall comes early. Did it throw off your day as much as it threw off mine?

I’ve been struggling with my writing of late, but I had a breakthrough with my Promise Me story. I must have reworked the outline four times, but I think I have it this time around. I want to get it right so I can get it to you as soon as possible. But a rushed story never gives satisfaction. I’m a slower writer, but I aim to please. I hope you like it when I publish it next year.

It’s also that time of year to think of Christmas. I know you may not like it when the stores rush Christmas but I love everything about the holiday. I’ve been designing my cards for the year and hope to get them finished soon. I have big plans to distribute them at the nursing home that my mom was at last year. Everyone deserves a little bit of holiday cheer. Don’t you agree? I will show the finished product as soon as I get it done.

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How about you? Do you have any holiday projects you are working on? Don’t be afraid to share it here.

If you are looking for a great homespun romance to read, give Denise Hunter’s The Goodbye Bride. I’m reading this book now, and it has a little bit of suspense and lots of romance to it. I am enjoying it so much.

Have a great week and be sure to share what you are crafting this week.

After thirteen years of dodging his past, Matt Black returns to make peace with his family and the woman who haunted his dreams. Dee Adams always put her son, Jared first even if it meant living a lie. When Matt forms a tight bond with Jared, he also wants a fresh start with Dee. Their love is tested when Dee’s secrets are exploited. Can they learn to forgive and rebuild their trust in one another to become the desired family they want?


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