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Pop Up 3D Valentine’s Day Card

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Valentine’s Day is assigned the day of love. When we were younger we’d pass out cards to the whole class. Do you remember that? Sometimes finding the right general Valentine for that person who didn’t really like you that much, was tough.

Making a general card is sometimes best

And just like my last card, by leaving the card blank inside, it doesn’t have to be centered strictly around romance.

These cards if done with the right salutation can be used for any occasion. They can even be used for a little bit of support for when someone is going through a difficult time.

So even if you don’t have the kind of relationship that calls for that mushy card, these homemade cards are a way to show how much you care in a comfortable way.

DIY handmade Valentine's card made as a pop up using hearts and love.
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Handmade Valentine Card Idea

This is one beautiful blank card that can be decorated in a way to make it general for either sex or general for either occasion. All it might take is a bit of tweaking.

I used the same shade of red cardstock that I used for my previous card. Again this is from the Recollection line.

Recollections has packs of paper that will give you different shades of cardstock. This is from a pack with different shades of red.
Perfect Shade Of Red From Recollections Cardstock.

As always, I cut the sheet of cardstock in half and folded it in half again.

This is the way I always measure my cards. Or not measure them I guess. It’s quick and simple.

3D Pop Out Card

Have you’ve seen on Pinterest all the cute pop up cards? The 3D pop out look makes the card stand out. They inspired me to try one. And they are easier than they look.

To make the 3D pop out from the inside of the card, I first folded the card closed. On the fold line I made a horizontal slit. Depending upon how much of a pop out you want, will determined how deep you want the slit. I used my scissors to cut the slit 1 ½ long and ½ inch wide.

Six slits were cut into the fold of the card to produce the pop outs.
Three Pop Outs Were Cut Out.

I cut out six to make the three slits for the pop out. My cuts are a bit off centered but that is okay. It doesn’t have to be prefect to be a pretty card.

When the card is opened, the slits need to be carefully pulled out into the opened card. This will allow the 3D pop out. The slits will bend into the card when it is closed.

Slits are cut on the fold of the card and pulled out to make the pop outs.
Slits Cut On The Fold Of The Card To Make The Pop Outs.

To Fix the Pop Out Gaps

When you cut these slits into the card and pull them into the card, it will leave gaping holes. But that is easy to fix.

The double sided patterned paper I used for my previous card, is the perfect solution. The paper is from Lawn Fawn and is called Cozy Tea.

I cut two strips 1 ½ inches wide to cover the gaps. I glued one to the front and one to the back. The cool part is that when you open the card the other pattern of the cardstock shows through as a background.

Tea Cozy patterned cardstock by Lawn Fawn is perfect to give the card more depth and to cover the gaps at the same time
Lawn Fawn Patterned Cards Is Used To Cover The Gaps.

Inside Of The Card

Using the heart banner like stamp from Penny Black’s Loves & Hugs stamp set, I stamped the banner onto the bottom of the inside of the card. The ink I used was from StampinUp! called Bermuda Bay.

The slits were pulled out to make the card's pop outs.
Inside Of Card Showing The Pop Outs.

With the same Tea Cozy patterned paper, I cut out scallop hearts. This die is from Nested and comes with several different sizes of the scallop hearts.

I put a large scallop heart in the middle and two smaller hearts on each side. I used a different side of the patterned paper for the hearts giving it variety.

I glued the hearts to the pop out cardstock strips careful to place them right so it wouldn’t hinder of the opening of the card.

This completes the inside of the card.

The hearts were cut out using the Nested die in various sizes. The Stamp is from the Penny's Black Love & Hugs stamp set.
Penny Black’s Love & Hugs Heart Banner And Pop Out hearts.

Outside Bling

On the patterned cardstock banner at the top of the card, I used an adhesive glue dot and put a scallop heart in the middle.

Then on each side of the heart I put a glittered foam heart.

Front of the card decorated with glittered foam hearts, scallop heart and Penny Black's stamps.
Glittered Hearts, Patterned Cardstock & Penny Black’s stamps.


I had to use two different stamp sets for the salutation. The Love came from Penny Blacks stamp set and the u forever was used from an old stamp set I had. Now if you want it less mushy, just change the salutation up a bit. Or leave off the u forever.

Stamp set by Penny Black called Love & Hugs purchased on
Penny Black’s Love & Hugs Stamp Set

This was stamped in the middle of the card below the patterned banner.

Two flowers from the Penny Black stamp set were stamped on either side of the salutation. The ink I used was the brand called Cardinal Red.

To top it off I put two small foam glittered hearts in the corners and a few gem hearts randomly on the card.

The front f the pop out card with heart gems, foam glittered hearts and patterned cardstock.
Front Of The Pop Out Card

Although this was a bit hard to explain this DIY card, I hope the pictures will help you to understand it.

Pop up cards are so fun to make and experiment with.

Be sure to drop a comment below to let me know what kind of pop up card you have tried.

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