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Success One Step At A Time

Are you going to let fear overtake your hearts desire-

You have a fire in you, and you know what you want to do. You’ve done the homework, and you are certain this is the direction your life is meant to go. You are convinced this will be the one thing that will change everything.

Then you get started, and it doesn’t go as you planned. Life takes over and gets in the way.

You feel like this isn’t for you after all, and it’s easier to quit.


Instead, take the time to study why isn’t it working? Is it because it’s too hard?

Success is meant to be hard. It's supposed to mean something when achieved. The planning and the daydreaming… Click To Tweet

Success is meant to be hard. It’s supposed to mean something when achieved.

The planning and the daydreaming stage is the easy part. It’s the fun part. It’s the part that gives us the butterflies in our stomach. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t want the end product.

But it’s also the part that keeps us from moving forward with the work. The work isn’t the fun part, but it’s the meat of success.

Don’t jump ship so quickly. Push yourself to keep at it. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t.

The Life Cycle Of A Rose Can Teach Us How To Be Successful

It’s a simple as a life cycle of a rose. You have to plant the seed in the ground. Like an idea or dream is planted in your head.

The seed needs warmth and water to grow into shoots. You need to study and learn for your idea to shoot into something doable and robust. It will grow from there.

From there the rose will form buds that will eventually turn into beautiful roses. As your dream and idea form together, it will bud and will blossom into success.

Then the rose will pollinate. Your idea may pollinate into other ideas that will enhance your success.

It may take you months to get success, but if you drop it thinking it was dumb, and you could never be as successful as someone else, you will never know how successful you could be.

It's easy to dream. It's not as easy to follow through, and this is where a lot of us fail. #SusscessTrain Click To Tweet

It’s easy to dream. It’s not as easy to follow through, and this is where a lot of us fail. If it’s something, you really want you to have to take the steps to make it happen.

Nothing worth having is given to you for free. You have to work toward it, tweak to make it yours and enjoy the outcome.

Don’t give up.

Success can be had one step at a time. Try to enjoy each step and when you succeed, take a look back at how far you have come. You did it.

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