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Why Do People Think Suicide Is Stupid?

Suicide is not stupid.Take the time to understand it.

Suicide is stupid. Or that wasn’t the smartest thing you’ve done. Have you heard these comments? These are actual comments that were made when my nephew committed suicide and again when my son was in that same head space. Why don’t people understand that if they were in the right frame of mind, they wouldn’t consider it?

I heard this again recently, and I still don’t get why anyone would say it. When others don’t understand something they call it stupid. Or they call others stupid. Is it fair? Would they like to be called stupid because they are a little different?

Suicide is not stupid. It's hurtful and hard to understand. #suicideprevention Click To Tweet

Suicide is not stupid. It’s hurtful and hard to understand. We can never feel what they are feeling. We may understand depression but everyone’s is different and unique. If they are having a hard time trying to pull themselves out of the depression, calling them stupid will only make them spiral further. Instead, why can’t we try to understand? Attempt to have some compassion?

Depression is a funny thing. It’s evil. It can take a perfect child and make them so unhappy they don’t know where to turn. And sometimes, trying to ignore it only makes it worse. They don’t want to be that way any more than we want them to be. Happiness eludes them, and they don’t know why.

Depressed people are hard to be around. We don’t get it, and we can’t fix it, so we want to pretend it doesn’t exist. I think we know it does. We have lost a lot of good people in this world to this disease.

Tell me if your child was suicidal would you tell them they were stupid-

Tell me if your child was suicidal would you tell them they were stupid? I doubt it. I bet you would get them the help they need and give them the compassion they seek. It isn’t easy to have someone around you who may not want to live. You are afraid to say the wrong thing and push them over the edge. Getting them the professional help they need is essential. If they don’t click with their counselor, find another and another until they do. Handling it on your own isn’t wise. You will become too engaged and may not hear what they are telling you.

If you are lucky enough to be given the chance to get them help, don’t waste time. My nephew didn’t get the help he needed. It is such a silent disease. At that time, it was looked down upon to need a counselor. And he didn’t survive the disease. It destroyed his family and those around him who loved him. The after effects of it rippled through the community.

Even if you have never experienced the feeling of depression or seen it around you, be aware of it. Calling it stupid is ignorant and if you don’t understand it, educate yourself. Learn it from here. Your loved one could be next, and then you won’t think it’s stupid anymore. Suicide is not stupid; it’s a tragedy.

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  1. Anonymous

    Just to be honest, suicide is stupid, as someone who has gone through depression and has attempted before. I firmly stand by that statement.

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