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I did a post a while back on keeping up with the Jonses. I think my troublemaker adorable puppy is a genius or maybe she just wants what Fido wants. We don’t have the new HD TV’s that sell like hotcakes lately. When we were shopping for one, they were new to the market and … Read the rest
I joined in on the Sneak Peek Sunday blog hop. We post six paragraphs from our stories. This is from Summer’s Bloom due out June 21, 2013. It is the second book in the Love In Surplus Series. Enjoy. Summer’s Bloom Clean and dry, Lily’s beauty took his breath away. His fingers itched to run … Read the rest
Paradise Why is it when we are on vacation or a long holiday, time flies by like the blink of an eye? We can sit at our jobs and we watch the clock. We watch for break time, lunch time, and quitting time. The clock is our friend. We have duties to accomplish before we clock … Read the rest

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