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Tips For The Dreaded Family Drama

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Soul Time

If you don’t want the soul talk but would just rather get to the craft, scroll down to the Easter card.

It’s Easter time! Aren’t you excited? No? Is it the dreaded family drama that comes with it?

I get it but Easter doesn’t have to be a dreaded holiday. There might be yelling, jabs, and turmoil but you don’t have to skip the family dinner all together.

Family is always in your life. This blog will give you tips on how to deal with the drama family brings.
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No Family Is Perfect

There may be a pretense that other families don’t have the same issues. They appear to get together all the time and never drive each other crazy. Kind of like a TV show. They all end up loving each other to the end.

My family wasn’t like that. Not in the least. I’m the youngest of three boys. And I don’t want to pull the female card, but my brothers didn’t and still don’t think that I know anything. They will argue with me to the death of me about something that I know is true. And they have no experience with it. Like kids. None of them have any but for some reason they feel they know my children way more than I do.

Do you have the same experience?

I have to admit that I didn’t always handle it the best. And now that my parents have both passed and my in laws have both passed, the family sort of broke apart. And in my fond memories I don’t remember the tension as much as I remember the get-togethers.

Don’t Let Social Anxiety Take Over

It’s easy to get lost in the anxiety. We are all opinionated people because we were born to be. Our differences are what make this world so interesting. Learn to celebrate your differences. You are so unique and have so much to offer in the world even if your siblings don’t see it.

Four Tips How To Handle The Family Drama

Plan ahead.

Find out who is coming or what the guest list is. Maybe the trigger person won’t even be there and all the anxiety will be for nothing.

If that person is there, then plan on ways to avoid that person. Take the kids out for a walk or start a game with them. Or even start the dinner clean up. By keeping busy, it’ll help with the anxiety and get your mind on something else. Plus it’ll give you brownie points. Who can’t use a few of those? But be sure this doesn’t trigger anger in you. This leads to the next tip

Know your triggers.

If it is known that a certain someone is going to be an irritation, then be prepared for it. If possible, don’t react to it. This won’t always be possible, but if it can be avoided, it will be a benefit. Remember it is in your control to feel or not to feel. I didn’t say it was easy, but you can control it. It’s a skill that must be practiced. And for the record, I’m still practicing it.

Walk away.

This will probably not be the easiest of the tips. Or maybe not. We want to stand up for ourselves. And we should never feel like we’ve been walked over. However, when you walk away, the situation will be defused. Then once there has been space between the situations, it’ll give you the grace to realize why it trigged you. Again remember that you are in control of how you feel. No one has the right to make you feel otherwise. And your dignity will be intact.

Finally, don’t use food as a buffer

I know you don’t need a beat down here on food but as a person that always uses food as a buffer; I know it has to be said. Sugar will only make your defenses deplete. It messes with your energy as well as your mind. It won’t make it any easier to block the anxiety or family drama. So do yourself a favor and keep the sweets to a limit portion. Trust me, it won’t be simple. It’s a fight I still deal with.

Try these tips out and let me know if they work for you.

Craft To Soothe The Soul

Colorful Easter Card

Use this card to soften up your host and get the satisfaction of making a homemade card. It always helps.

If you need a special homemade Easter card for you mom or your mother in law this card is perfect. And maybe even help with the family drama.
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This card is so easy and can be made the day before Easter or even the day of.

I used a pale yellow base cardstock that shouts Easter and spring.

Purple and yellow is such a good color combo. So I used a polka dot embossed lilac purple as an accent. It was nice that this paper was already embossed. I picked the cardstock up at JoAnn’s.

As per usual, I used Cricut Design Space to locate the perfect salutation for the card. I found several great ones but I choose this Happy Easter.

I found this in Cricut Design Space. Perfect for my Easter card.
Found in Cricut Design Space

It was changed from the cut option to the draw option and I sized it to fit the card just right.

First I used a black Cricut pen and then the Candy Corn Yellow Cricut pen for the accent. These colors showed up brilliantly on the lime green cardstock.

I used the black and candy corn yellow Cricut pens.
Drawn with Cricut Explore and Cricut Pens.

I used a flower die from the Decorative Die Set-Nested Flowers set to cut it out.

Flower die from the Decorative Die Set-Nested Flowers set that fit my card perfect.
Decorate Die Set-Nested Flowers Die

This was attached in the middle at an angel.

Then to spruce it up, I used Easter embellishments I had purchased at Walmart.

Present this Easter card to your parents or in laws to diffuse any family drama.
Card Decorated with Easter Stickers.

Easy, peasy.

Drop a comment below if you made this card and used the tips to help you through the family drama.

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