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To Win You Must Fail

To win we have to fail.

No one likes to fail. It’s a rotten feeling, but we have to fail or won’t ever have the chance to win. At anything.

To feel like a winner, we have to overcome obstacles.

Jumping over the hurdles and through the hoops of life will make anything we do or receive more cherished. You will have a sense of euphoria like you never had before.

It’s like being the underdog. The one that looks like they can never be anything or do anything. Yet, everyone loves to see the underdog win. The best movies are about the ones that overcome adversity and win.


Life, in general, is a learning curve. Everything you do you start out as a beginner. #SuccessTrain Click To Tweet You learn to sit before you crawl, crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. Why should anything in life be any different?


Take the time to let yourself stumble and learn from it.

Work through the times when it feels impossible, and you want to quit.

Do some soul-searching. Are you ready to give up?

One loss does not mean your goal isn’t worth it.

Don’t look at what others have accomplished. This will happen in your time and with your hard work.


Big breaks are great, but you don’t need them for success. You only need the guts and determination to do it. You have to be willing to fall flat on your face a time or two. But you can take the falls and turn them into wins. Dust yourself off and then take the time to dissect what went wrong and why. Then find a solution.

You are ahead of those that don't try. Take your losses as a compliment. #SuccessTrain #success Click To Tweet

You are ahead of those that don’t try. Take your losses as a compliment.


It’s what makes the journey of success exciting. If you won right off the bat, the win would be boring. It might even make you decide it’s not worth it.

It’s like watching a football game, and it’s a landslide. If they have to struggle for that win, we are bragging what a good game it is. If not, we get a little bored.

Winning is the same thing all around. Put in the work and you will have the thrill of accomplishment. And there is nothing better than that feeling. The knowing that you didn’t quit and you succeeded. You worked hard for what you have. Pat yourself on the back and keep moving forward to your next accomplishment. Build on each success to get to your goal.

You will look back and be amazed at how far you have come. You will see that each loss wasn’t that bad, and you got through it. You will wonder why you were so afraid. You will be stronger. You will be the winner you wanted to be.

If this blog helped you or you know of someone who it would, please share. Tells us about your losses and the wins that followed.

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