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Washi Tape Christmas Card Ideas

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Unique, handmade Christmas card making ideas.
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Christmas time always seems to sneak up on us. We know we have a month to plan for it, but with the present buying, the baking,and the decorating, we run out of time. Or we forget something like sending Aunt Sally a Christmas card. Have no fear. I give you an easy, step by step way to make a unique handmade card using nothing much but washi tape and cardstock.

I came up with this washi tape idea when I was shopping at Target and I found some cute washi tape that would make a cute and simple card. It was in the budget bins that are in the front of the store. Seriously friends, you should check out this section at Target every time you go there.You can find some unique gems. Sorry. I digress.

Washi tape from Target. Green and Red twine was not used for these cards but also from Target.

I picked up three different patterns of Washi tape for a dollar a piece. Of course I already had the cardstock from the last two projects. But I have more than enough cardstock paper in my stash. I used the same Core’dinatons Lap of Luxury packet that I used in my previous post. This time I chose the dark green as the card base for all three cards.

I made the size of the card the same way I did in my last post. I cut the 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper in half and then folded the half pieces in half. This size fits perfect in the homemade envelopes I make. If you wish to make your own envelopes, I use the WeR envelope punch board.

I decided to make the first card to open vertically. On the green card base, I took the plaid washi tape and placed it on both the right and left sides.

The First Washi Tape Card

In the middle, in a slanted fashion, I put the words Season Greetings that were cut out using the Sizzix-Tim Holtz-Alterations Collection-Thinlits Die-Script Holiday set. I used my Cuttlebug to cut out the words. The paper I used was a 12×12 sheet from The Paper Studio and cost fifty nine cents. I bought it at Joann’s. Another one of my go to stores to find materials to make my handmade cards.

Sizzix-Tim Holtz-Alterations Collection-ThinlitsDie-Script Holiday Set

I used a Fiskars snowflake punch to punch out the three snowflakes and I put two of them at the bottom and one in the upper right hand corner. I attached them with two sided adhesive tape.

Fiskars snowflake punch

I put a large red gem in the upper left hand corner and two medium gems below that. And I also put a medium size red gem below the Season Greetings caption and two small red gems below the middle size gem. It is a cute and simple card.

Fun idea using washi tape.
Fun idea using washi tape.

The Second Card Design

For the second card I chose to have the base open right to left. This time I applied the white snowflakes and heart washi tape an inch from the top and an inch from the bottom. I then put a strip of tape in between them.

I cut out the same words with the same red and white snowflakes paper as the last card. I placed them between the lines of washi tape. One word went above the center strip and one word went below.

I punched out six snowflakes in that same paper and put three on top and three on the bottom. Then I put the medium size red adhesive gems in between the snowflakes on the bottom and top.

Creative card with washi tape.
Washi tape creative card.

The Third Unique Card

The last card, I used the red glitter washi tape and the plaid tape. The red glitter tape was placed on top part of the card and the bottom part of the card. The plaid tape was put below and above the glitter tape.

The Cuttlebug was used to cut it out a shape that looks like a label. The die is from Spellbinders-Nestabilities. The season greetings caption fit perfectly on top of the cut out label. I glued the words onto the label and attached the label with the double sided adhesive dots. The label was placed between the two washi tapes in the center.

Then for the last step, I put a medium size red gem on below the word greetings and a small gem on each side.

Handmade cute and simple card.
Handmade cute and simple card.

And those are three cute and simple card designs that you can make for very low cost and at the last minute.

Three cute and simple cards made with washi tape.
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Supplies I used:

In the last blog I shared an address you may send cards to. A lot of crafters love card making as much as I do, yet are overflowing with extra cards. What a great way to share your love of your craft and send a homemade card to someone who needs a little extra love.

So this week I will share that address again.Another good place to donate your cards to is your local nursing homes or hospitals. Check with them to see how you are able to do so. Whomever you decide to send a card to, please take the time to do so.

Address To Send A Card To

Mail greeting cards with envelopes to:

Jennifer Cernoch, Ph.D.

Soldiers’ Angels

2700 NE Loop 410, Suite 310

San Antonio, TX  78217

Be sure to like this post and share it. If you have tried this free Christmas card making idea with washi tape, feel free to share it on my FB page and let me see it. I love looking at other crafters designs.Be sure to like my page while you are there.

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