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How To Increase Your Chances With Your Blog

A blog tip for your Word Press website is to use the Yoast plugin tool.
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The Yoast plugin is a useful plugin to use for your blogging. It’s number one feature is the SEO it offers. The reason why it’s a great plugin is that it will show you what you need to add or subtract from your blog to make it rank in the search engines better.

There is a free and paid version. The paid version is $89. And If you feel you need it, go ahead and purchase it. But I have the free version, and it has worked out for me.

The paid version gives you a few more features, of course. If you need more support, the paid version might be a better choice for you.

Either way, I would use the free version first to make sure that this plugin is right for you.

Why Yoast?

The Yoast plugin gives you a rating on your pages. Even the About Me page will get a score. It is either green for good, orange for could use improvement, and red for no good at all! 

I always try to get a green color, but sometimes it’s just not possible, and I stay in orange. 

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The best part is it gives you suggestions on how you can improve your pages or blog posts. This way, you’re not going in blind, but you know the direction you need to take. And I believe it improves your writing. Between using Grammarly and the Yoast plugin, it will help you with your message.

A few of the suggestions for improvement it gives you:

  • Text length
  • SEO title length
  • Outbound links
  • Inbound links
  • Key Phase

Yoast will rate your key phrase you will use for SEO. This key phrase needs to appear in your copy several times. The amount depends upon how many words your blog is. 

Also, the key phrase will need to be listed in your title (which I don’t always do) and in the first paragraph of your blog. Sometimes it is hard to get that key phrase right, but if you do, you’re fantastic.

It’ll also need to be in your metadata description. The keywords in the metadata description will help you show up in the google search when people search for that particular keyword or phrase. Yoast will ask you for a slug and that slug will need to be in that description. It will show you when you have the correct amount of characters in your description by turning a bar from orange to green. If you use too many words, it’ll again turn orange.


With the images, Yoast will want you to include the description that reflects your keyword. All your images should include a description using your keywords or synonyms of those keywords.


Subheadings should be through all of your text. In those subheadings, there should be one that includes your keyword or synonyms. The Yoast plugin will tell you if you have enough of those. But don’t get too happy using your keyword in every subheading because Yoast won’t like that. I know. Because I tried.

Copy Issues

Yoast will notify you if you are using passive writing in your copy. Sometimes this isn’t an issue, but it’ll help you to avoid that.

If you have a habit of starting all of your sentences the same, Yoast picks up on that too. It would be nice if it would point it out to you, but instead, you have to scan your copy to see where Yoast is picking up on that. Still, it’s an excellent way to keep from boring copy and looking unprofessional.

When you have more than 300 words without a subheading, it’ll give you a ding for that. Readers like to skim in their reading, so this is an excellent way to prevent them from doing that — the more white space you have, the better. Copy with well spread out subheadings helps the reader who skims get the value they need from your blog. 

Paid Version Extras

There are, of course, more benefits to the paid version, and if you can afford it, you might want to get it.

In your old post, you might now have dead links. You can hire someone to go through your past posts to remove the dead links. But with Yoast premium, the plugin will take care of that for you. That alone makes me want to purchase the premium version. I found some dead links as I was researching this article for you.

The other features with the premium versions are: 

  • Superfast internal linking suggestions
  • Social media preview: Facebook & Twitter
  • 24/7 email support
  • No ads

SEO is gold to a blogger who is trying to get noticed. Yoast is a plugin that will help you get better at including the right number of keywords for google to rank you. 

The Word Press plugin Yoast will help with your SEO for your blog. This is what it offers:
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Yoast and Mindset

This plugin can be helpful and will improve your writing. Over time you’ll improve. However, if you are a perfectionist, it can also cause you anxiety. You’ll want that green smiley face because it does give you a sense of accomplishment. But beware. If you are a perfectionist, this plugin can cause you to go overboard. You don’t have to get every post right. Because even if you do it all right and get every post to have a green smiley face, poor writing won’t impress the reader.

Take your time to improve the post by the suggestions, but it causes you to rewrite the post several times, you either should not post it or let it go as is. I’m not saying to write poorly, but to do the best you can. Yoast is a tool to improve your search on google, but the value of your blog is way more important. Don’t use a plugin to skimp on value.

Do you use the Yoast plugin? How do you like it? Comment below.

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