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Recharge Your Life To Be Joyful And Happy

Are you thinking your life has taken a turn you aren’t happy with? You’re bored. You have no direction in life anymore. Your kids are gone. Your friends are busy with their own lives. And you haven’t accomplished near what you dreamed you would.

You’re not sure if your job is what you want for the rest of your life. You’re not even sure you want to work until your 62.

So what is next?

Happiness in life can happen at any age. But you may have to work at it a bit. It's worth it.
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Whatever you do, stop thinking that your life is over.

It’s not over until it’s over. It doesn’t matter your age or where you are in your life. You can always begin again.

Dream again.

In fact, what a great time to dream like your 20 again.

Are there things that you wished you’d done differently? Or you feel like you took a wrong turn down the road somewhere. You don’t know what made you change your mind but here you are.

And you want something fresh.

What Went Wrong? 

First of all, you have to figure out what that is. A lot of times we think we crave something and when we have it in front of us or achieved it we’re disappointed. You don’t understand it because you swore this was it. That it’d be the one thing that you wanted so bad and when you achieved it, you’d be happy.

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Did You Go With The Flow?

People tend to clump in like-minded tribes. Being alone can be daunting and lonely. But if your best friend wants a new home with 4 bathrooms and walk-in closets, that doesn’t mean you have to have the same dream.

You may want a rundown Victorian home that you can renovate and change. Don’t go with the charge. Fancy that unique side of yourself instead.

Don’t Get Attached To The Outcome

Don’t get so attached to an end result that you’ll be disappointed in the end. You have to understand that this is just a journey. You’ve heard this before.  

But what does that really mean?

How are you going to enjoy that journey when it’s so hard to keep on track? It’s so hard to keep motivated.

Think of this as a 10-mile hike walking from one mile to the next. There will be hills and valleys and rough spots. But you want to get to that next mile marker. And once you do, you look back and see where you’ve been.

It’s how far you’ve come that will bring on that puff your chest out feeling. Think of what you’ve already overcome in life. You didn’t get where you are just on a whim.

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What has it all taught you for the next milestone?

Satisfaction is a feeling of happiness that you can only measure once you’ve been through the journey. Once you’ve mastered that hill. After you’ve stepped through the rough spots and came out at the other side.

Follow Your Curiosity To Be Happy

What has your curiosity been pulling you toward? Is it away from that goal you’ve set a while back? See where it takes you because what you’ve accomplished previously will help you to tackle that new goal.

Will it be easy? Nope. But if it’s easy then chances are it’s not something that you’ve been craving for. The journey is meant to be messy.

If you’re yearning for something grand and big but you’re afraid to pursue it because it’s going to be hard, then you’re in the right place Click To Tweet

If you’re yearning for something grand and big but you’re afraid to pursue it because it’s going to be hard, then you’re in the right place.

Fear Is A Big Part Of Life

Those that get nowhere in life and stay stagnate where they are; will be the ones that will never try to push past their fear.

Some people won’t even get on an airplane or have to be medicated to take a flight. It’s a scary thought to be that high in the air because you are putting your life in someone else’s hands. But to get from point A to point B, flying is a must. It takes too long to drive.

People went before you to make that plane. That had to be scary for them. But they did it.

You Can Do The Same

You’ve raised your children the best you could. You’ve shown up for them and your family. You may even have taken care of your parents. Now it’s your turn.

If you are not living life and loving it, you’re missing out.  And the best way to do that is to take your life back into your own hands. Don’t follow the herd. The goal is to live life every day and be present.

It’s not easy to achieve. But put yourself out there. Every day we have 24 hours to sleep, eat, and live. To live is to play the game of life. Now you can’t pack everything up and move to Bali, or maybe you can, but that’s not the point.

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you’re not happy with your life. It’s common at this age because what you’ve done all your life has changed. And it might feel weird not to be as needed as before.

Figure It Out

Take the time to figure out a goal. Be it big or small. Roll it around in your brain and imagine if you’d be happy to achieve this goal. Get excited. If it doesn’t excite you in some way, it’s not the right goal.

Once you’ve had it figured out, you can decide the first step that you’re going to take to get it. There will be many steps but just get started toward it. Plan it. Dream it. Start it.

Everyone's goal in life is to be happy but in order to do so we must set goals to achieve happiness.
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Once that first step is achieved, check-in with yourself and see what you’ve learned. How are you feeling about it? Proud? Ready to take on the next one?

And if you’re an overachiever, plan out all the steps you’ll take to achieve the goal and check them off as you accomplish them.

This is a broad plan to help you. My goal is to get you to live your life at this age and not give up or even speak of it being too late.

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Leave a comment below as to what you are going to work toward.

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