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A Different Fall Wreath Idea

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Wreaths are popping up all over the place but I had a different fall wreath idea. Instead of doing a burlap wreath, I decided to make a paper flower wreath. The one I made is not to be hung outside on your front door but on your wall. I put the wreath on a painted canvas board and framed it.

I took a 8X10 canvas board (You know how much I love my canvas boards!) and painted it with DecoraArt Americana burnt orange acrylic paint. I used three coats.

I then put an image of a wreath on the board so I had a patter to follow. I didn’t think I could make an even circle without it, so I cheated a bit.

Then I took a pattern from Cricut design space to use for my rolled flowers. I used three different brands of paper to get the colors that I wanted. (Core’dinations, Reflections and Cricut cardstock) This gave me a variety of different shades yellows and oranges. I also used four different patterns for the rolled flowers.

I put the canvas board into a frame to help me see how far to the edge I could put the flowers.

I then arranged the flowers on the canvas board until I had them to where I wanted them. 

I had some leaf embellishments laying around that I thought would add a bit of depth to the wreath. I have no idea where I got them from and I haven’t been able to find them since. But it worked nicely for this project.

Once I had the flowers and leaf placed to my liking, I hot glued them on to the canvas. 

But I felt that it needed something else so I tied a bow from a yellow ribbon. I glued the ends down to keep them stable.

It turned out great. It’s a paper flower wreath that I’d make again and again. I’ll put it in my living room and be able to use it straight through Thanksgiving.

Give this wreath a try and let me know how it turned out for you. What colors did you use? Did you use Cricut design space to cut out the rolled flowers?

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