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Ten Fun Facts About Sue McConnell


1.) Who is Sue McConnell?
I am one of four children born and raised as a Wisconsin farm girl. I have been married for over thirty years and had two sons. I am vigorous crafter, blogger, and a freelance writer for hire.

2.) What do you do with your Cards?
I have more cards than what I know what to do with so I started to donate them to causes. You can search on the web for places to donate them to and directions how to donate them if you are interested.

3.) What do you use to get your inspiration for your crafts?
Pinterest is wonderful asset to assist the crafting bug. I also take a stroll through Jo-Anns and Hobby Lobby to give me ideas that will inspire me. There are also  groups on Facebook that have amazing artists that give me inspiration. Also as you can see in my soul craft articles, I use the Cricut often. It is a wonderful machine that allows me to make just about anything I want.

4.) What is your Soul Talk based on?
I like to inspire people to live their best lives. Too many times I hear how once you hit 50 and beyond, your life is over. I bet to differ. Instead I think it is just beginning.

5.) What makes you think life after 50 is better?
Because for the most part your kids are adults in charged of their own lives. This allows you to live the life you want or have always dreamed about. Just because you are 50 or older, it doesn’t mean you have to sit and wait for death to claim you. Live! Live the life God has granted you with no more excuses.

6.) Who are your inspirations to live your best life after 50?
Actually the younger generation that have made big moves to get the life they want. Rachel Hollis is one. I relate a lot to her and she pushes you at any age to live. Also Mel Robbins is another one. These women have had trials in their lives too. Yet they still give to us. I want to give to you inspiration and the drive to go after what you want.

7.) What made you decide to be a freelance writer?
 There are other products and services that the public needs to help them. I love to write. When you combine the two of them, it helps to reach the people that are in need of these services or products. I want to help them help you.

8.)What do you do with your free time?
I love to read. My favorite fiction author is Danielle Steel. Some of her earlier books I have read several times. I also enjoy going to my local library and discovering new authors. Recently I discovered Mary Kay Andrews. I also make a habit of reading self help books to improve my mind and my life.

9.) Give us one secret about you?
I actually wrote a total of 6 fiction romance books. There is still one book out there called Sympathy Dance. The other five were with a publish that closed up shop. I am in the process of writing another book and would like to publish one a year. But in a different genre. Keep an eye for them.

10.) How can we stay in touch?

You can email me at, my Facebook page is: Sue McConnell, Twitter is: sue44mc and Instagram is: suemcconnell93.


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