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Hello. Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Sue McConnell and I am a mindset shift maven for authors. As authors we are often fighting with our inner critic to get the words on the paper and sometimes that is very difficult. It is my goal to support the author community to help them finish their masterpiece.

I am a writer myself of cozy mysteries. Before I switched genres I wrote romances for a small press. I have had six books published.

Mindset has always intrigued me how just a simple shift can bring abundance in your life. And yes I believe in the woo woo stuff.

I have mediated and journaled and found a workable way around the critic that can stop my progress. In my blogs I will give tips and tricks as well as a journal prompt here and there to help you too bust through that critic that stops you from writing. It is a journey to be a writer and it’s a journey that we can do together.

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