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There seems to be a controversy brewing about affirmations and if they work. I guess there was always a controversy if they give you results or if they are just a bunch of guru fluff.

Do they really work? And how do they work?

You make a statement like “I am an amazing writer” and you repeat over and over again. You write it down over and over again. This will prompt the Universe to provide for you. And it prompts your mind to believe it is true.

Because you have to believe for it to come true. 

In your mind, it is already true. Therefore it will happen.

The Doubters From The Get-Go

I was one of those doubters and I think the majority of us are in the beginning. How could saying these simple words or writing them down, make them come true? Words didn’t make things happen, actions did.

When you use affirmations to set your intentions you'll produce action to bring your goals into reality.
Affirmations & Intentions Produce Action

But the purpose of it is to get you to believe them.

Like if I believe I’m this amazing writer, I will write. So in that aspect it always true. You can’t be a good writer if you don’t practice the art of writing.

I used the example of my fiction writing before. It’s a good example to use it again here. I wrote those books. I strung together over 30,000 words of a story. And it wasn’t a jaw-dropping story. But I was already the writer. Yet I didn’t believe it.

Why? Because I wasn’t that good. But if I had kept after it, if I would have honed my craft of writing, I could have become that amazing writer.

Without the belief, I quit before I even gave myself a chance. I wrote 6 books. That’s 165,000 words. The last book still remains on Amazon.

I look at that now and I’m amazed. And I wonder why I quit. Why did I stop? 

Because I didn’t believe.

So if writing down the words as if they are already happening, gets my mind to go in the right direction, then why not?

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It Doesn’t Stop At The Written Affirmations

People get tripped up with their doubts. It’s an underlining doubt that will keep you from fully committing to that affirmation. This is where I struggle. 

I believe I am an amazing writer until I sit down to write. But I push through it because that doubt is just fear. And when I say just fear, I don’t mean that it can’t be paralyzing because that is what made me quit the first time.

Doubt and fear are the same things. They give off the same feeling. 

So are affirmations just a false belief?

At first yes. But they do help you to get in the right mindset. They do help in the aspect that they can set your intentions. And they can help you get on the right path to what you want.

But do they work?

I believe they do. They give you the confidence to go ahead with something that your brain is telling you is impossible. It gets your brain on the right page with you.

Writing them down every day also helps you narrow down what you really want. If it doesn’t make your heart sing then it’s not that important to you. Don’t waste your time on something that isn’t important.

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It Takes More Than The Affirmation

Affirmations are just the tipping point of bringing what you want to head. Once you know what they are, you have to put in the work. You have to decide what actions to take to bring it to light.

Using writing a book as an example, you can write down, “I write a book every year.”

Or “I’m on the New York Times Best Seller list.”

Or “I’m om the top five at Amazon bestseller list.”

Whatever it may be.

You have to actually do the work. And to be a bestseller you’re also going to have to practice the craft. 

Rachel Hollis has a road map in her book Girl Stop Apologizing that you can check out. It’s a good source to see how she does it.

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Write Out Each Step To The Affirmation

When you have your goal which is your affirmation, you’ll need to figure out the first step. Then the next and the next. You may have to readjust the steps as you go but this is a good way to keep you going.

Don’t just write an affirmation that you’ll be a published author without doing the steps. And this stage will help you to believe in the affirmation also. As you’re moving forward, you’ll feel like you’re making progress toward that goal.

And there will be hiccups but that is only what they are. 

Think Of Affirmations As Intentions

Another way to look at these affirmations and make them believable to you and bring them to fruition is to think of them as intentions.

When you set your affirmation, you’re also setting your intentions. 

Goals, affirmations, intentions are all things that go together. 

So set the affirmation, set up your goals, and set your intentions each and every day. This will move you through tough times.

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Know Your Why

This is also what will help you with your affirmations. If you set the affirmation of I’m going to be out of debt in a year, you have to know the why.

And make it strong. Because when you see those cute boots in the store and you don’t have the cash for it, your ego is going to tell you that you might as well get them. That you’ll never get out of debt anyways so why deprive yourself of something you deserve.

It has to be a why you can return to again and again. Some experts say that you should have several whys so that if one doesn’t work you can go to the next one.

Affirmations can work. Use them as a tool to get you on the right track and to keep you moving toward your goal. But if you write them down without a real plan of action, they are just words on a paper.

I hope this article has helped you to see why affirmations are important and how to use them. Drop a comment below as to what affirmations you use.

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