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Audiences Need To Be Wowed To Connect With You

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Connect and wow through ConvertKit for a way to build your audience of what you are selling. I know you’ve heard how important it is to have an email list. ConvertKit is perfect for when you are just starting. For only $29 a month, they have all the features you’ll need. I used to use Mailchimp but I found it wasn’t very user friendly. If this is what you are finding, it might be a good idea to look into ConvertKit.

You’re probably wondering how to build this audience. Whatever you do, you don’t need to force it. You need to offer something to earn who you are targeting an email address. After you’ve done the work to find your ideal client, you can start to stalk them in a friendly way, of course. Join Facebook groups where they hang out. And then watch for their questions. Susan Mershon, of the Techie Mentor Training, says to start a frequently asked question notebook.

You can take these questions and make content around them. Or answer them in real-time if you have the access and build their trust.

An excellent way to build that audience is by using your ideal clients’ pain points and create a freebie around that. A checklist is easy and can be used to address the pain points. You can create these on the free program called Canva.

I made a freebie on how to find your ideal client workbook using the Canva reports feature. I used a free version, but you can certainly pick one of the paid versions. It won’t break your bank. The report template and was edited. The template was only a one-pager, but I added a cover page with my logo and also added a page to include the content I wanted to include.

It takes a little bit of time but if you are not comfortable with design, you can always pay someone to do this for you.

What To Do With The Freebie

The next step to attract your audience is to plaster your freebie everywhere. You can put it on your website front and center. You can put it in your blogs if you blog. Perhaps if you like to create these freebies, you can also create a page for your freebie. Or how about offering it on social media?

Freebie And ConvertKit Usage

Once you have your freebie on your website, you can use the information you collect to use on your list. With this freebie, you can add a tag to an audience like ICA freebie. Maybe you could target this audience with an e-book, course, membership, or product because you know that these subscribers need your help.

Email Sequence To Build Your Audience

Create an email sequence in ConvertKit for these subscribers. Thank them for downloading your freebie. Then email them two days after reminding them that they downloaded it and ask how it went. Did it help? Were you able to put it into action? Ask them to hit reply and email you back.

Now you have started a conversation with them. And from this conversation, you’ll be able to gather even more information. It’ll help you to decide what content to offer this audience and to know what they are willing to purchase from you.

Do you see how giving something away for free can be so valuable to your business?

Make It Gold To Build Your Audience

Because you want the clients that need your information the most, make sure your freebie is gold that they can use. Give them so much value that when you are ready to sell to them, they are eager to buy because they know you have the goods that will make their life or business better.

Don’t be afraid to give away your best stuff because that is what will draw them to you.

Use The Information

If you aren’t getting the subscribers, it might be that your freebie isn’t what they want. Even if you did the work to research what will benefit them the most, ultimately, it’s their choice as to if they want it or not.

When your freebie fails, get to work, and make another one. Don’t make it mean anything if you fail. All that means is that you didn’t give your best information. Make a different freebie. But first, give your current freebie enough time to find your audience and do the work. If it’s only been two weeks and no one has downloaded it, don’t sweat it. Give it time. If, after a few months, you want to try something else, do so.

Then send out an email to the subscribers that downloaded your other freebie and offer it to them as well.

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Keep The Right Mindset

You may be disappointed if you fail this the first few times. Don’t. All this is for you to test your audience. It’s not about being liked and praised for your talents or knowledge. Instead, make it about the clients or people you want to reach with your message.

It’s about the message you are trying to get to your ideal client. You have an important message, and it’s in you to give it to your audience. Don’t worry about what others say because they aren’t your audience.

Use ConvertKit As Your Messenger

ConvertKit is your tool to help you find your subscribers. Use it that way. So many people, present company included, are so afraid to put content out into the world. But isn’t that why we are here? To me, this is what makes us a community and what our world is built upon. To share our expertise and keep growing. There will be people who are not meant to receive your message. Let them go. But use this tool to help your audience grow in whatever you are offering.

Tag your audience accordingly. Use freebies to test what they are looking to learn. Give your tagged audience more of what they want. ConvertKit is a tool at your disposal. Don’t be afraid to use it. And if you can’t get past your fear of learning ConvertKit to serve you, hire it out.

How do you use ConvertKit for your audience? Drop a comment below.

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