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Is Writing Your Easy Business Solution To Your Desires?

The business of a writer isn't easy but it will fulfill your desire as a writer if you stick with it.

Do you want to start a business, like the business of a writer? You’ve been spinning your wheels for months, maybe years, and you’ve got nowhere. You want to start with dipping your toe in because if it doesn’t work, you won’t have as much invested.

The problem with that is if you not invested, then your business doesn’t stand a chance. You have to dive into this headfirst and commit.

The Universe Is There For You

For the Universe to give you what you desire, the Universe has to know that you are serious. You can’t be flip-flopping from one thing to another because it gets hard. Or you see that shiny object on the other side of the room, and it looks more promising. I tend to do this all the time. And then I never get anything accomplished.

There is no easy business to start. It sounds easy sometimes when you listen to the podcasts, but I promise you that they went through their hardships.

Show the Universe that you are serious and take the risk. Show Him that you are serious in the business of the writer.

Even if you are in your 50’s and want a side gig that will light you up, it’ll be hard. But if you are going for something that puts a fire under you and not what you see other’s doing, it’ll be a bit easier for you because you’ll be having more fun with it.

Enjoy The Journey

If you are like me and you are a writer, it sometimes can be daunting. You don’t know where to start, and it appears as other writers have it together. I promise you that even though they looked like instant success, they weren’t. The trick is to enjoy the journey so the Universe can give you what you desire.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you are going for; the journey is the reason why you are doing it. You may not realize it, but if you are only in for the outcome, once you get there, the thrill will be gone.

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Always Keep Reaching For More

You can start small with your business but always reach for more. If you want to start that novel or nonfiction book, first think of the book’s theme. Work that out. Then you can branch out to the characters or what you will cover.

When I started writing, I would start with the general theme. What was my book going to center around? Of course, I like to write about the dynamics of the family. So I worked out that family first. Who was involved in the family, and I’d pick there ages and names. I would drill it down to how they got along with one another.

Then I’d decided where this story would take place. Sometimes while I was doing this, I would see scenes of the novel. I would note these down also.

Look To The Next Step

Once you have the novel mapped out and a little idea of where you’re going with it, then comes the writing. Writing is the base of the business of a writer.

Setting a word count for the book gives you an idea of when you will get it done. It also will provide you with a goal. How much time do you have to write? Where are you going to write it? When will you get those words in?

Starting a book from the first word to the last will be a challenge. I know nonwriters don’t understand. They don’t realize how hard it can be to string words together to make a sentence—sentences to form paragraphs and paragraphs to create chapters.

What they don’t make is the emotion to hook the reader.

And what they also don’t do is silence the voice in your head.

The Mindset Of A Writer

The trick to silence that voice is to write fast. Get the words out on the page, and don’t look at what you wrote until the next day. Give it time. In the morning, those words will look better to you. This trick came from The Story Studio podcast. If you aren’t already giving it a, listen to learn more about writing and tips and tricks.

Continue to work on your mindset to help dull the voice in your head. Read some of your past writing and notice how far you’ve come. Your goal is to keep writing because the more you do, the better you’ll get.

And with self-publishing, being an author is more realistic than ever. The business of the writer is in your grasp. This is your time to write that book even if you are older than 50. Especially if your 50 or older. Because writing takes time, building a business takes time. And there is no time like the present to get it done.

First Things First

The most important thing is to get the book written. A good editor can help you polish it up. Grow some tough skin while you are writing because it’s that editor’s job to make your writing shine, and an order to do that, they may have to be upfront and blunt with you.

Writing takes alligator skin to get through and be an amazing writer.

But without first getting the words and story out, there will be nothing to build on.

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Is The Business Of The Writer An Easy Business?

There is no easy business, but how to make it a little less painful is to go with what you know and use your talents. You don’t have to be the best with English, but you do have to be persistent. Making daily progress on your writing is vital. Or at least five days a week.

Businesses can be more accessible if you tap into your desire and talents together. If you are willing to start small and take tiny steps building the business, you’ll succeed. To have patience while you are learning. And be in for the long haul and to love the growth as you reach new heights.

Starting a business will be an incredible, bumpy mind-blowing journey that will take you to a new place in your life. Are you ready for it?

If this article has helped you, share it with someone else. I know I’ll be reading it again and again. Even seasoned writers need a little encouragement.

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