How Card Crafting Helped My Writing.

When a card is hand-made it resembles in a lot of ways how a story is crafted. They both have stages that build upon each other and work together to make a satisfying finished product.

The card starts with a base. This is the piece of paper that will fold open to the inside of the card. You use a color that will enhance the card.

Romance stories have what they call troupes you use as a base of for the story.

These include but are not limited to:

Accidental pregnancy
Alpha hero
Arranged marriage
Best friend sibling
Enemies to lovers
Fake engagement
And the list goes on

All of these are combined or used alone for the base of the story.


The next step in the card is to build it.


You add another color or design paper to it to show off the base and build on it. In the card above there is the purple base, and then the white is like the sub base. It adds to the card and gives it more of a beautiful focus.

In the story, the characters are the sub base. They are what drives the story. They are the meat of the story. Without them, the reader wouldn’t care.


Then to the card extras are added. Like the banner, the flower, and the butterfly to make the card stand out. It makes it unique and works with the base and sub-base by adding more color and more beauty. But not too much. It finishes the card.

The setting and secondary characters do this for the story. It gives a little extra to the story and enhances the plot. They provide conflict. It doesn’t necessarily pretty up the story but adds more meat to the story.

The words on the card carry the message. What a type of card it is.

The conclusion of the story wraps it all up. It gives the reader the happy ending the reason the readers read the books for. Or it leads them into another book of a series.

To give your story, the satisfied ending the reader craves, you have to make sure everything compliments each other. #amwriting #writertips Click To Tweet

Everything builds on each other, and they go together seamlessly. As should your story. There has to be a reason for each character and setting. To give your story, the satisfied ending the reader craves, you have to make sure everything compliments each other.

Like the card, if the colors don’t go well with each other, or the embellishments don’t fit, the card won’t serve the same message.

Your book has to have the same effect. You don’t want the reader to finish the book, yet they can’t remember most of the story. You want it to stick with them and make them want to read it again and again.

Do you see the resemblance? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how.

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