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Why Do The Cheat Sheet Instead Of Checklist Freebie

Using a cheat sheet to draw in your subscribers is much like using a checklist. You use it to give your audience helpful information that they are seeking. It is more of a category of things. 

The checklist we did last week was more of the steps to take to do something. Like I showed you in my freebie. Didn’t you grab my freebie? Well, get it below to get started on the steps of how to make a freebie in ConvertKit.

Why Do A Cheat Sheet?

You want to do a cheat sheet if you are giving your clients step by steps directions. Or if you’re giving them several things. For instance, you can say the seven best fats to eat on a Keto diet. Or the five best posts to get engagement on Instagram.

When you do it this way, you are giving your client the top things that they need to know for whatever subject you are writing or teaching. 

These things are going to give them a jump-off point to go after so that they can get started with something. 

When To Use A Cheat Sheet

Use the cheat sheet when you have several items, tips, or tricks to give to your client.

So more ideas might be:

Seven tips on how to make the best images.

Ten exercises for the abs.

Five worst foods you can eat.

You get the idea. If you want to give your future client something to work off of, you provide them with the checklist. But if you’re going to categorize things, you want to use the cheat sheet.

How To Make The Cheat Sheet

Just like you did with the checklist, you can make this in Canva also. They don’t have a particular template for the cheat sheet, but you can very well use the checklist template we used in the previous blog and edit it to be a cheat sheet.

Remember this from the checklist blog?

You can use the same one. Here I edited it so that it would be like a cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet is used to categorize things.

I give the directions on how to edit an image on Canva in my checklist blog here.

Make It A Landing Page

Once you have your cheat sheet made, you’re going to want to give it away for email addresses. I went over this in the checklist blog also but here are my directions again. The following instructions are for the email service ConvertKit because, again, I find it easier to use than Mailchimp.

If you have Mailchimp, you can find the directions on YouTube or your Mailchimp site. It should be a bit similar to the guidelines I give below.

  1.  In ConvertKit, choose Landing Pages & Forms at the top.
  2.  Choose a template.
  3.  Edit the template to match your brand.
  4.  Save it.
  5.  Click on the double gear icon in the menu bar. Choose to send subscribers to thank you page so that you can send the freebie in a thank you email.
  6.  Save.

Now You Need To Make The Thank You Email With The Link

  1.  Go to automation.
  2.  Choose new automation. 
  3.  Create automation.
  4.  Pick is added to tag.
  5.  From the drop-down menu, choose what automation you are working with.
  6.  Add your tag description. 
  7.  Select add event.
  8.  Hit the + sign below your landing page.
  9.  Select Action.
  10. Then email sequence.
  11. Name it.
  12. Add Action.
  13. Click on the email and write your email you would like your subscriber to receive. Remember to include your link for your freebie.
  14. Go to the top right and select save all.

Subscribers Are Born

The cheat sheet will be something that your audience wants. Of course, you have already done your ideal client research. Or maybe this might be something that you’re testing out. That is fine too.

But when your subscriber gives you their email for your marvelous cheat sheet, you’ll treat them like gold and keep giving them your best stuff. Good content is what keeps them coming back for more and more.

The cheat sheet will be the launch of your business because you’ll then switch that client into a paid client for your product or services. It’ll give them a taste of what you are teaching and offering.

I have compiled my own cheat sheet of the steps to put your freebie into your blog. This freebie will give you the steps to do to make attaching the freebie to your email service provider. Of course, it is for ConvertKit.

If you find that ConvertKit will be easier for you, I have an affiliate link that you can use. But if you are satisfied with your provider, by all means, stay with them.

I also can set up your freebie in your ConvertKit email service for you if you are still frustrated with technology. Sometimes it’s not worth the effort to try and figure things out.

You can contact me at, and we can chat to see if I’m the right fit for you.

Are you making cheat sheets for your audience? How is it going? Drop a comment below and let us know.

ConvertKit and Canva are both affiliate links that if you use them to join, I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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