This Christmas card requires few materials and little craftyness from you. Yet it will be received with love because it came from your imagination.
Simple Christmas Card for the uncrafty.

Christmas comes on fast and sometimes we run out of time to do what we want to do. And then you remember someone important to you that you left off your Christmas list.

I have a card that you can make when you are short on time.

There isn’t much to this card but it’s perfect for the beginner. You can put it together with not much effort and the supplies are short and sweet.

All you need is one single piece of cardstock and embellishments from Hobby Lobby. The car with the tree on top and salutation is all from a kit that I purchased from there.

Or if you want to buy online, you can look at what they have to offer here.

Make the card by bending a full sheet of cardstock and cutting it in half. Then place them on with their sticky backs to the card.

Give a personal message inside the card and you are done!

A couple of supplies and you have a homemade card.

But if you want to get a little more adventurous, I have a few more cards to make below.

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