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This is my fourth blog on Christmas cards. You can find the other posts here, here and here. By now you have several ideas on ways you can make your own handmade cards that are affordable and gorgeous. In this last installment I had a different idea. I purchased these Christmas vinyl samplers from Cricut and I wasn’t sure what to do with them.

I did make some pictures using them but the more I looked at them the more I thought they would make some awesome backgrounds for Christmas cards. Would the vinyl stick to cardstock? That question stewed in my brain for a few days. I cut a small amount of vinyl from the sheet and tested it out.  Lo and behold, it did giving me some ideas for Christmas Cards that have both vinyl and cardstock.

What’s so nice about the self-adhesive vinyl is how easy it is to work with. So if you have a last minute card to make and you have some of the patterned adhesive vinyl, you can whip up these cards in an instant.

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First Vinyl On Paper Card

In these Cricut Christmas samplers the vinyl sheets are the size of 12 X 12 and they will fit on the Cricut mats perfectly, but are also easy to cut in a paper cutter.

I made the card bases with the dark blue paper from the Laps Of Luxury Core’dinations card stock. The Laps of Luxury have some rich, dark colors that make the perfect Christmas cards.

I made the card bases by folding them in half and then I used the paper cutter to cut them. I then folded the cut halves in half.

I chose the red and brown plaid self-adhesive vinyl for the accent layer. I cut it with the paper cutter in the size of, 3 7/8 X 5 3/16.Or it can just be measure by eyeballing it and deciding how much of a border you would like to have around the vinyl.

Pulling off the back adhesive can be a bit tricky but if you use the weeding tool to pick a corner off carefully, it will come off. Carefully stick the vinyl on the paper and be sure to smooth it out.

Vinyl sticks with cardstock.
Vinyl sticks to cardstock with ease.

Then I used an EK 21/2 inch circle punch. For this card I used the blue cardstock again. The stamp came from the Stampin!Up Farmhouse Christmas stamp set. The circle shaped Merry Christmas caption fit on it perfectly.

I used the new stamp ink from called cardinal red. This ink was awesome. It didn’t smudge or run. stamping ink.

I did however have a little help from my Mini Misti. This stamp tool is awesome and every serious stamper should own one.

To use position your cardstock against a corner of the platform base on the right and use the magnets to hold it in place. Then place the stamp on the cardstock where you want your image or caption to be stamp. The photopolymer type stamp works the best but I have used rubber stamps. Once you have it in place close the lid so the stamp sticks to the clear plastic. Apply the ink to the stamp and then close the lid again putting pressure on the lid to transfer the ink to the paper. If there are areas that need more ink, apply the ink again to the stamp and again close the lid. This will produce perfect stamps every time.

Mini Misti

The round circle with the stamp was attached with double sided adhesive dots and placed in the middle of the card. I had some blue and white adhesive glitter snowflakes I placed in each corner and used the medium size self-adhesive red gems and added them to the circle to finish the card off.

You can put vinyl on cardsock.
Patterned vinyl

Second Vinyl patterned Christmas Card

The winter wonderland sample pack came with a green snowflake pattern adhesive. I used this for the second card. The vinyl was applied to the blue cardstock in the same way. This time I used a green circle cut out with the same circle punch. The red ink shows up better on the green card stock. I centered the circle at the bottom, middle. The snowflakes were applied in different shapes and sizes on the top of the card and the red gems placed in the same spots on the green circle as the last card.

Vinyl applied to cardstock.
Patterned vinyl from the Winter Wonderland Sample
Unique idea with Cricut self-adhesive vinyl cardstock.

Third Christmas self-adhesive vinyl And Cardstock Card

I always like to make as least one card that opens the long way. For the third card, I used the sweater like print sample vinyl.Also I stayed with the green circle with the Christmas caption on it because the caption showed up better. It was placed to the right, in the center. And the snow flakes were put in a line in different shapes to the left. Again the red gems were applied to the green circle.

Applying vinyl to cardstock.
Nordic Christmas Cricut vinyl.

And that is three quick cards that were done in minutes and are a different way to use vinyl. Sometimes Cricut has vinyl that just needs to be used for more than wall art or a shirt. This was one way I found that worked really well. I love the patterns and that the vinyl sticks to cardstock with so much ease.

If you don’t have a Cricut Explore Air yet, but like their products, don’t let that stop you from experiencing all that their products have to offer. Their vinyl can be used in punches too. And of course their cardstock can always be used in the same way as any other cardstock. But I do encourage you to get an Explore or Maker. It will up your level of your crafting. And Cricut Design Space has so many options of different projects you can do. You don’t have to have the knowledge of how or what to do because they have done the work for you.

Have you used vinyl on your cards? If so how? Drop a picture in my FB feed and let us see what you have done.

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