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DIY Dollar Tree Fishbowl Snowman

DIY Dollar Store Fishbowl Snowman that is cute, easy and simple to make.

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A Dollar Tree glass snowman is not like the real thing, but it’s the closest thing I’ll get to making one. Winter is not my thing. Even as a kid, I couldn’t handle the snow and cold. Although the Wisconsin winters have been milder, we got plenty of snow when I younger. Still, I never ventured outside much to make a snowman.

A snowman craft is more to my liking.

After the holidays, all through my house I have cute versions of different snowmen. They won’t melt and they bring warmth to my heart and home.

This leads me to this blog of a fishbowl snowman craft. It’s quick and easy and I can make it inside my heated home.

Dollar Tree Supplies

I took a trip to my local Dollar store for a few of the supplies. Anything you can get at the Dollar Tree will make you spend less and their items in the store are craft friendly. Like the fishbowls I picked up. The fishbowls are 3 ½ inches and I bought two.

Dollar Tree Fishbowls.
Dollar Tree Fishbowls

I also bought two bags of the Faux Snow there. Each bowl I filled with one bag of snow. It really could have used a bag and a half in each bowl because the snow didn’t go to the top of the bowls. But since I only bought the two bags, I rolled with it. Crafting is all about learning from your mistakes, right?

The Dollar Tree Faux Snow.
Dollar Tree Faux Snow

Then I took the hot glue gun and glued them together.

Cricut Snowman Hat

Of course every snowman needs a hat. This is where my Cricut Explore came into play. The Cricut makes things so easy and if you’re an Access member, you can find just about anything in there to make or to use for your own craft design. The best is that a lot of the images or projects are in the Access membership.

The hat design actually is a project in Design Space and the project I used actually makes snowman boxes that are stacked together. But I only needed the hat box so I only picked the mat that would cut the hat. Cricut breaks each cut down by color and puts the same color on the same mats. The hat was black so each cut that would be black would go on the same mat.

For the hat, I used the black Cricut cardstock. I really like their paper because it’s nice and thick yet easy to work with. And for this hat you need thicker cardstock so that you’ll be able to bend it to make the hat.

I did do a paper review blog and you can find that here.

The Cricut Explore will score the folds with their score tool. This tool is handy for this exact thing.

Inside the Cricut Explore. The score tool and pens go in the left slot. The knife is in the right slot.
The Score Tool Will Go In The Left Slot

After it’s scored the Explore will cut it out. It’s like magic, I swear. Once scored and cut, you’ll fold the cardstock on the scored lines. Do this carefully so the paper doesn’t tear.

Cricut scored and cut the snowman hat.
Scored And Cut Snowman Hat

Then glue the bent over scored lines together or use a strong craft tape like this. I found it easier to use the tape.

This supertape is perfect to assemble the snowman hat.
I Used This Supertape To Assemble The Hat

Vinyl Snowman Face

Now the snowman needs a face. I went to and bought a file of snowman faces. This site is full of affordable clipart and fonts and is my go to place for these kinds of things. I had a hard time choosing which face I wanted but I needed one without a hat. And I chose the male version face.

Cricut has plenty of different kinds of vinyl and in different colors. Of course I used black vinyl for the eyes and mouth and applied them to the top fishbowl. For the carrot nose, I didn’t have orange vinyl so I used orange cardstock and glued it on.

I used Cricut black vinyl for the mouth and eyes and orange cardstock for the carrot nose.
Vinyl Mouth And Eyes, Cardstock Carrot Nose

The Cricut design project I picked came with a bow tie. I used Cricut purple cardstock for that. This was also glued on where the fishbowls meet.

Bow tie with Cricut's purple cardsock.
Bow Tie With Cricut’s Purple Cardstock

Snowman Hat Decoration

You can’t have just a plain hat on the snowman. It has to be jazzed up. I received in one of my Cricut mystery box a set of glittered washi tape. The silver glitter worked perfect so I put it around the brim of the hat.

Cricut silver glitter washi tape.
Cricut Silver Glitter Washi Tape

In the goal project I did, I had used the Cricut adhesive Christmas pattern vinyl. It was perfect to use for this project too.

By using a Fiskars snowflake punch, I punched out three snowflakes. After peeling off the backing, I stuck them on the hat. Then I glued the hat onto the top of the Dollar Tree fishbowl with my hot glue gun.

Fiskars snowflake punch.
Fiskars Snowflake Punch

Now this is my kind of snowman. Cute, dry, and can be reused year after year. This one turned out so good that I think I’m going to make a Mrs. Snowman to stand on my mantle (if I had one) with him. The two cute Mr. and Mrs. Fishbowl snow people will make this winter a little more cheerier.

DIY Dollar Store Fishbowl Snowman that is cute, easy and simple to make.

Be sure to share this tutorial to Pinterest so others can make this winter craft.

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