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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be lonely if you’re alone. Nor does it have to be boring. Instead make a Valentine’s Day room decor wall art.

Doing a Valentine’s Day craft will lift your spirits and put you in the right mindset instead of burying your feelings in a bottom of a Valentine’s Day candy box.

This craft will turn your thoughts to something more positive. The end result will be something you created and will give you a feeling of satisfaction instead.

And creativity soothes the soul!

This leads me to my handmade Valentine’s homemade wall decor.

Valentine's Day home decor using a canvas board and rolled paper flowers.
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I had so much fun making the paper flower winter wreath; I decided to extend it into a Valentine’s Day craft.

But this time, it will be a wall art picture.

First prep the canvas board

I didn’t have a color of pink that I liked on hand so I blended a couple of acrylic paints together. Mixing together two different brands, I choose primary red from the Americana brand and vanilla ice cream from the Apple Barrel brand. These were mixed together until I came up with a shade of pink that I liked.

Acrylic paint blended together to make a beautiful pink.
Acrylic Paint Used To Make The Pink Colored Paint

With a sponge dauber I sponged on the paint onto the canvas boards giving it two coats.

Pink painted 8X10 canvas board.
Pink Painted 8X10 Canvas Board

Acrylic paint dries really fast especially when it is sponged on using the dauber. So you don’t have to wait until the next day to continue with the craft.

The paper vase

Mason jars are all the rage right now so I wanted to use a mason jar for the vase. There are a lot of different templates online but I already had one that I used though Cricut Design Space.

But it was too large. To scale it down I used the same template and drew a smaller version of it on a sheet of Vellum that has small white dots on it. Then I cut it out using a scissors.

Vellum papered Mason jar.
Mason Jar Using Vellum Paper

My first thought was to have a clear vase jar with blue water and the flower stems showing through.

But that didn’t look right to me.

Instead I took a page of light blue cardstock and drew a second Mason jar template and cut that out. The blue paper jar was placed behind the Vellum cut out jar. It kind of gives it a glassy jar look.

Mason jar with vellum and blue cardstock.
Cut Out Mason Jar

Paper made leaves

For the flower stem and leaves I used three different shades of green cardstock. These were cut using dies from StampinUp! I had purchased years ago. Two stems were cut from each shade of green.

Leaf dies.
Leaf Dies And Green Cardstock

The stems were glued to the canvas board before the Mason jar so that I could position them where I wanted them.

Leaf dies glued to the canvas boards.
Leaf Glued To Canvas Boards

Once positioned the jar was glued to the board.

Leaves and cardstock Mason jar.
Canvas Boards With Leaves And Paper Mason Jar.

Paper rolled roses.

The Valentine bouquet consists of the traditional red, pink and white roses. For these I used Core’dination and Reflections cardstock. As I did with the winter wreath, I used a template from Design Space and cut them with the Cricut Explore.

Rolled paper flowers in pink, red and white.
Pink, Red, And White Paper Roses

I show you how I rolled them in the winter wreath tutorial.

Using the hot glue gun, I glued the roses onto the canvas board. I wanted the stems and leaves to show in the background so I didn’t glue them tight together.

Roses glued to canvas bard.
Roses Glued To Canvas Board

Jar decoration

I used the scallop heart die from Nested and used a red cardstock from the Reflection collection. On top of that, I put a foam pink glittered heart. I bought these a few years ago sure I would need them one day. It fit perfect and glitzed up the vase.

Mason jar with glittered heart.
Mason Jar With Glittered Heart

For the rim of the jar, I used glittered pink washi tape I purchased from Cricut. On top of the washi tape I placed red and white heart gems that I lined up on the washi tape to give it a bit of bling.

Glittered Washi tape and heart gems on the rim of the jar.
Glittered Washi Tape Rim

I framed the Valentine wall art in a 8X10 white frame I bought from Walmart.

Canvas in white 8X10 frame.
Finished Product In 8X10 White Frame

This is the perfect homemade Valentine decoration to decorate my living room wall.

Be sure to share this DIY home decor tutorial to give others inspiration to decorate their home.

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