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Play Your Dream Hard To Win

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We have all heard the chatter of pursuing your dream now. Please don’t put it off. Go after it today.

And yet so many of us, including me, play it safe talk about it but makeup all the excuses NOT to do it.

It’s not the right time, I’m not ready, and I don’t have the energy for it now. On and on, we tell ourselves the stories of why we can’t.

I know you’ve heard this before, too, but I’m going to write on this blog anyway.

There will never be a right time! NEVER.

There is never a right time to start a dream except right now.
Dreams don’t come with a time table

I write this for myself too. Just like you, I’ve been putting it off. I have a dream, and I’m not making it happen. Why? The fear I suppose.

No More Excuses To Put Off Your Dream

What is your excuse?

I got a kick in the pants this month. A new decade and a new year. I planned it all out. After I attended a Rachel Hollis personal development conference, I’d come home, and bam-my business would get started and take off.

Only it didn’t happen that way. Instead, I spent the time I came home in the hospital with my husband as he hung on to life. I almost lost him. The excuse of he’s holding me back was a lie. A big lie.

He wasn’t holding me back. I was. Thankfully he is on the slow recovery of coming back to me, and I have a new realization that if I want this, it is not his job to get me there. If I want to quit my job, have a thriving business that supports us, it’s up to me to pursue it, and push past the fear.

He’s now an excuse to put the fire under me and get started even as he heals.

Excuses Can Either Hold You Back Or Push You Forward

My friends, your life is way too short, not to have what you want. And even if it doesn’t work out the way you are expecting, not going for it is the biggest mistake you can make.

You have to find a way to make your dreams your biggest priority. And it may seem like it’s not fair to those around you. I thought so too, but it was more unfair to blame him that I couldn’t go for it.

There is no way to succeed unless you allow yourself to be uncomfortable and put yourself in the line of fire.

You may wonder why you want to feel afraid when you can sit and suffer from the want of a dream instead. The truth of it is all our lives have an expiration date to it. And we can tell ourselves that you don’t care and that it doesn’t matter, but in the end, you’ll regret not going after that dream.

You go for your dream, and it will affect the people around you in a right way. You’ll be more fulfilled in your heart and your life. By filling your tank, you’ll have more to give to those around you. It’s that ripple effect.

Don’t count on someone else to give you that to you when you can very well give it to yourself.

Ask Yourself The Questions

Ask yourself why you want this?

How bad do you want it?

Are you living your dream or someone else’s?

It’s funny because after my husband almost lost his life, I realized that maybe half the stuff I was dreaming about, I didn’t want.

Did I want to move down south? My thought was to get out of winter, but I’d rather have my husband around. If I don’t have to go out in the cold and snow, can’t I make it?

What did I want? If I only had a year to live, what would mean the most to me to pursue?

I came up with my writing this blog and a book and starting a business. That is what is important to me.

That leaves the question of what is important to you? It might take a bit of digging.

Ask yourself if you knew that you only had a limited amount of time to be on this earth what would be the most important thing for you to do?

Time is not your friend if you are sitting around whining about why you can't go after your dream. It's on you to pursue it.
Time won’t stand still to wait for you to pursue your dream.

Maybe you want to be a mom, and you’re already doing that. Great.

But if you want more in life, now is the time to get after it. Time will pass by so fast, and life will suck you up and spit you out. So why not go after that dream now?

Don’t wait for life to kick you down. And don’t let the excuses that come up in life make you wait. Stop lying to yourself that you have time because you don’t know that for sure.

Make A Plan For Your Dream

The first step is to make a plan, so you know where to start and stop the overwhelm. The overwhelm is one of the biggest excuses and one I have used so often. Pick a small task and do it. Once you have that task, do it. Don’t move on until you have accomplished it. Even if you feel like you are starting in the wrong spot, finish the task.

Once that task is done, you can evaluate how it went and what you need to do next.

If you are a planner and doing it that way paralyzes you, then instead take an afternoon and plan out the whole process by doing a brain dump. Then figure out your steps.

Dreams don't just happen. They take planning for success. Ask the important questions.
Pine Me!

The important thing is that there is no blueprint for this. Or at least I didn’t find that there was one. The most important thing is to get started and then it will come to you.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect. And don’t stop once you fail. All that means is you have more to learn as we all do. It doesn’t matter how long you are doing this dream, and there will always be more to learn. If there weren’t, we wouldn’t be living the dream life. You’d continue to live the safe life you are living now.

But being safe doesn’t mean your life will be any better. If this is what you want, your life will be stagnant and boring.

I encourage you to live out the dream in your heart now.

Please drop a comment below as to why you aren’t living your dream and let me help you find a way to pursue it.

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