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E-book Freebie Is The Perfect Creation To Grow That List

E-books aren’t’ just for the Kindle. You can also use them for your mega freebie. You can use the E-book to get your subscribers and lead them into your course or membership. And it’s not as complicated as you think.

If you have a lot to share, like a ton of checklists that go together with one concept, you can batch them together using an e-book. You can also do this with your cheatsheets and workbooks.

Although e-books would be an excellent way to earn money, you can also start with free content. Don’t worry about giving away your best stuff in your e-book. You are a business owner, and you are capable of teaching more and more.

I would suggest, however, to start with the checklist if you are getting started. In a previous blog, I show you how to do that. I also show you how to do the cheat sheet and workbook.

You can start simple and get more elaborate as you go.

When To Choose The E-book Freebie

As I said, the e-book will have more information that will transform your client’s business or the world. You will give them your secrets to get them started. But remember, just a small portion of your business is needed. You don’t have to give everything away or how you do everything.

The e-book would be like 20 to 50 pages. Anything more than that, I would suggest you charge for it.

Use your e-book like a mini course to give value to your client to convert them to a regular buyer for your business.

What To Include With An E-book

An e-book is like a minicourse. Say you are offering a get healthy eating plan. You would want to include the best foods to eat on this plan. Maybe also how they should cook meals. Where to and how to purchase the best quality meals could be included. And how to prepare the foods. Do you see how this is more than a checklist or cheat sheet?

What about if you were giving the beginner writer a 30-day plan to write a novel. You would want to include how to set up your content of the book. How many chapters would they need? Is it a fiction book? Then you could help them craft their characters so that they jump off the page. They would need a plan on how to outline for the book for faster writing. Because let’s be honest, writing a book is hard to do in 30 days. Of course, in November, it is just that. Write a novel in a month challenge. Every year thousands and thousands of writers try it. You can even do an e-book on that and give it out for free in October.

Make your outline of what you are going to include in your e-book. I would suggest including your table of contents in that e-book.

How Is The E-book Made?

Again you can use Canva (affiliate link alert). Although they have an E-book cover template, I would stick with the report templates. With the report feature, you can build the e-book and download it in a PDF format. The cover would still be for the first page. Then add another page or if it may have up to three pages, and put in the table of contents.

You can add as many pages as you need with the reports. And it is the size of a regular paper of 8.5 inches X 11 inches.

To include your brand colors and logo, edit the template. Also, add at the bottom of each page your website URL.

Gifting Freebie To Your Subscriber

Once you have the e-book set up, download it to your computer and save it. Then it will need to be added to your email subscriber. Create your landing page in your email provider. I do have some directions on how to do that in my checklist blog here.

Then you can put your e-book out to the word. You’ll want to mention it in your social media, and you can build some blogs around it. They will download it and, in return, give you their email. Now you have a subscriber to nurture and give attention. From there, they will hopefully become a buyer from you. They may even spread the word about your fabulous freebie and give you more subscribers.

Even when you create the best freebie that gives huge aha moments to your ICA, it might not find it mark the first time. Give it time, and if it isn’t getting the attention you thought, try again. It’s a pain because you put so much work into it, but your client will tell you what they need.

But don’t forget about it because as time goes on, your client may realize they did need it, and you can refer it to them.

If you are confused about what to create, checklist, cheat sheet, workbook, or E-book, I have a freebie for you that you can download. It’s a workbook to help you brainstorm what to create.

Take Your Time

It’s not a race to get that email list started. It can confuse you when you are getting started. Please take a little bit of time to do the workbook I have and then map out what you want to give to your client.

Do a little research to see if you can find out what your client’s struggle is. Sometimes it’s not that easy. But you have to listen to them. If you have no audience as of yet, try and join some Facebook groups and see what they are questions are. Try and answer them. Better yet direct them to your blog, where you have already produced a post on it.

Attraction marketing is the answer for clients, but it takes time. You need to build the like and trust factor, and that doesn’t happen overnight.

Don’t get discouraged. Instead, try again. And then again. All you need is ten good subscribers to get you started to attacking the clients that you are here to help.

If you are confused or don’t want to mess with any of this, reach out to me, and I’ll see if I can be of help.

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