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For More Success, Delegate Easy Time Consuming Tasks

success in business comes with delegating small tasks to a VA or an assistant to give you more time for your business.
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Delegate easy tasks they say. But you resist. Even though you know that you need help, you have a hard time delegating. Why? Because it’s your business, your future, and most likely, your baby.

But for a healthier business, you need to delegate some of the tasks. It’s the best way to keep your business up and to run.

And isn’t freedom why you went into business in the first place?

You can start to delegate easy tasks to a VA with the following 8 tasks.

Word Press Maintenance

Yes, even your website can suck precious minutes from your day. It’s the simple things that a VA can do for you.

Update Plugins

Plugins always need to be updated to run smoothly. Although it’s easy to do, if you don’t go into the back end of your website regularly, the updates will pile up. It’s easier to keep them up to date to make sure they are supporting your site.

A VA is perfect to do all the small easy task so that you can free up more time to do what you want to do.
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Monitor Comments

If you have a blog, it’s crucial to monitor the comments. There is a setting in the dashboard of your website to approve or reply. It would be wise to have them checked because there is so much spam on the web. But if it’s a legit comment, you want to acknowledge them.

Uploading Your Blog

If you keep your website active, you’ll want a weekly blog. But even if the blog doesn’t take long for you to write, it takes time to upload and make sure that you have your keywords. It’s essential to use your metadata. You’ll need photos uploaded too. And most likely a pin for Pinterest and maybe a tweet to share.

You may even want to hire a content writer to write the blog if that isn’t your strong suit. The content writer could keep the content of your blog up, upload the pictures, and even look for those keywords.

Or, if you want more control of the blog, you can give that content writer the subject, keywords, and the type of pictures you want. They can do the work and upload it to your blog.

Delegate easy tasks to an assistant or VA to give you time and more success.
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Social Media Expert

Social media is one of those things that a business owner either enjoy or hate. It’s something that they understand, or they don’t.

But it’s also needed to get eyes on your business and what you offer. After you’ve decided which social media your ideal client hangs out at, you can delegate that to a VA. They can update your feed, make the graphics, monitor who is visiting and what is working. Also, they can manage the comments to make sure that your feed is not getting spammed with haters.

Social media can be a huge time suck, and for your business, you may be better off spending that time in what matters and what you do best.

Email Marketing VA

Another area a VA may come in handy is your email marketing. They can write the emails for you. Do the sequence emails on any upcoming sale you may have. Comments need to be managed and this is the perfect task to delegate to see who and which emails your subscribers open.

They can watch to see who is buying and let you know who to target in the future.

It’s important to email your list at least once a week.

For email marketing or managing your email, a VA can do this time suck task for you..
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Email Subscriber Manager

Another area of the email is to get an opt-in to gain your subscriber to sell to. Your VA can create this opt-in. They can write the content for it, or they can take what you have created. Either way, they can install the opt-in on your website.

Once installed on your website, they can observe who is clicking on it and signing up. Also, your VA can make sure it is working or if a different opt-in would be better.

Manage Your Email

No doubt, you’re also getting a lot of emails in your inbox. It might be best to hire a VA to clean out your inbox. They can let you see what is essential and get rid of the rest. This is one way to minimize the hate mail that you will for sure receive. If this type of email bothers you, it’s best not to see them. But your VA can handle what is essential and what is not.

Customer Service

If you have a product that on your website or courses or a membership, you will need someone to handle the customer service side. There will be complaints, problems, and questions that will come up. A good VA can handle these kinds of things for you. Or a VA can manage your customer service team.

Whatever that is holding you back or putting a strain on your business is a good thing to think of, maybe giving to someone else to do. Click To Tweet

Calendar Management

You are busy and juggle a lot of things as a business owner. These things can be taken care of through a VA. Like your calendar and your appointments. They can set your appointments and keep you on top of things.

Membership Manager

If you have a membership, a VA is a great asset to help you run that membership. They can make sure the payments go through, manage the feed, and do the customer service for the membership.

They can upload the new lessons and help the members with any questions they may have. The content can also be edited by them. While they edit it, they can take it and spread it all over your social media.

Take Your Time Back And Delegate Easy Tasks

These are a few things that a VA can do for you. There are many more. Whatever that is holding you back or putting a strain on your business is a good thing to think of, maybe giving to someone else to do.

At first, it’ll take a bit of a learning curve between you and your VA, but eventually, it’ll help your business run like a well-oiled machine. And besides having a helper that is invested in you, they will be someone that could be a great sidekick for you.

And it’ll take away some unneeded stress that isn’t healthy for you or your business.

Do you delegate easy tasks to an assistant or VA? What tasks do they do for you? Drop a comment below.

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