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Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to stretch your creative juices by making a handmade card.

Handmade Card For Anyone

Even if you don’t have a significant other, you can still bless someone with a cute card.

If you are feeling down, what better way to lift your spirits by lifting someone else’s?

Be Creative

Valentines doesn’t have to be about romance. In fact in my last blog, I shared how to make a Valentine picture instead.

But if you want to make the card, I promise you that this DIY card can be given to anyone like your mom, child or friend.

Personalize It

By leaving the inside blank you can personalize it to fit the person you are giving it to.

And making this card will give you the satisfaction that you did something good. Not to mention the smile on the person’s face who receives the card.

DIY how to make this simple, heart handmade card in minutes for him or anybody.
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Romantic Red Base

Recollections have the perfect shades of red cardstock pack to use for this Valentine’s Day holiday.

It has five different shades of reds plus the cardstock is very affordable.

I cut the red cardstock in half and then folded it in half again to make the card.

Red Recollections cardstock. Folded in half.
One Of The Shades Of Red From The Recollections Five Pack Cardstock

Patterned Paper Placement

My original thought was to use a double sided patterned scrapbook cardstock. But for this project I only used one side.

Patterned cardsock from Lawn Fawn called Tea Cozy.
Patterned Cardstock From Lawn Fawn Called Tea Cozy

The cardstock was purchased from and is made by Lawn Fawn. It is called Tea Cozy and it has a coordinating pattern. It’s a heavier cardstock than the patterned paper you purchase at JoAnn’s. And the red in the patterned cardstock matched perfect with the shade of red I picked to use from the Recollections cardstock pack.

I layered this on the front of the card over the red base.

Third Layer

Next I cut out a layer of StampinUp! Bermuda Bay cardstock.

Cardstock from StampinUp! called Bermuda Bay.
Cardstock From StampinUp! called Bermuda Bay

This solid color is perfect to stamp on.

Love & Hugs Stamp Set

Also from I found a stamp set called Love & Hugs by Penny Black.

Penny Black stamp set called Love & Hugs.
Penny Black stamp set called Love & Hugs.

It’s a clean transparent set that only has the stamps. It included a few different heart designs.

I like to use the sets that just include the stamps because they work perfect with my Mini Misti.

Mini Misti.
Mini Misti

The Mini Misti is great tool to use to not only position your stamps correctly but if your ink didn’t transfer well, you can do it again without getting a shadow effect.

The red stamping ink I used for the outside of the card came from and is their brand. It is called Cardinal Red. It is a good quality ink.

Mini Misti

I positioned the paper on the right and secured it with the magnets that come with the Misti. Then the stamp was positioned on the cardstock where I wanted it. To transfer the stamp to the left side to be inked up, I closed the lid and gave it a bit of pressure. Like magic the stamp is transferred to the left side. Then the ink is applied.

Cardstock is placed on the left side and secured with magnets.
Position The Cardstock On The Left & Secure With Magnets

The Misti is closed again and pressure is applied to the stamp so the ink transfers to the cardstock. Then carefully open the lid. Again, if the ink didn’t transfer completely, apply the ink again and repeat. It should give you the perfect stamp.

Stamp is placed on the right side and inked up.
Once Stamp Is Positioned On The Right, It Can Be Inked.

More Easy Stamping

Because I thought it could use a little more, I decided to also use the flower petals that came with the set. Plus every card needs a salutation. I chose the word love included with the stamp set.

These stamps were placed on a block to transfer the ink to the cardstock since the stamps were smaller and I could use the correct pressure.

I layered the Bermuda Bay cardstock on top of the patterned paper making sure I left a border of the patterned cardstock.

Next I used self-adhesive white heart shaped gems to decorate the four corners of the Bermuda Bay cardstock.

Cute Inside

Normally I leave the inside of the card blank so it may be personalized. However, this time I wanted to try another stamp from the Love & Hugs stamp set.

Using the stamp that looks like growing hearts I stamped it to the bottom far right edge. This leaves plenty of room for the personalization.

This time I used StampinUp! matching Bermuda Bay ink to match the front of the card. This is one thing I love about StampinUp! products is how they match their colors. It makes it really easy to create the cards.

Inside stamp.
Inside Stamp

As you can see homemade Valentine’s Day cards can be tailored made for anyone. All it takes is a little bit of creativity.

Completed Card Inside And Out

Give it a try and let your creativity juices flow and be sure to let me know how it goes for you.

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