Makeshift Cover

As winter gives way to spring, I find myself deep into edits. It’s a good feeling to be in the second phase of the writing process. Even if there are plenty more stages to go.

Even though I like to make graphics, I don’t think I’m the best for cover art. What do you think? It proves that I need a professional to do the covers when the time comes. But it was a fun release and gives me something to focus on.

I listened to the Writers, Ink podcast this week. If you are a writer or interesting in fiction writing, I highly recommend this podcast. Trust me, they are more experience in this writing journey then I am. They interviewed Eliza Jane Brazier who is also a screen writer and journalist. She said that she rewrites her entire book twice instead of doing the normal edits where you correct wording and story as you go. I’ve decided to try this method. To me writing is the easiest part. Editing is the hardest. So at the moment I am doing a readthrough of my manuscript and making notes as I go. Then I will look at it and rewrite. I don’t think I’ll be as good as her, but it’s a learn as you go process for me. This way the hope is the story gets stronger as the rewrite process progresses. And is a more enjoyable read for the reader.

Even if the winter will linger on, spring will be here. The snow here in Wisconsin will melt, and the flowers will appear. I hope that the where ever you are that the weather will bring you a sense of joy and rebirth.

Happy reading!