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Get Started With Basic Email Marketing & Mailchimp

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When you are first starting building a business, you want to cut your costs. You’ll wonder what tools you must have. I can promise you that you need an email service because email marketing is a must.

There are so many different service plans to choose from. Some of the top ones are:

Covert Kit

All of these will work, but many times started business owners will pick Mailchimp. I am no different.

One of the reasons why I chose Mailchimp was because it had a free version and appeared to be easier to learn. Still, I was intimidated by it. Email marketing, in general, frightens people. It can feel a little bit scammy.

So in these next few posts, I will walk through setting up my email marketing with you.

The First Steps In Email Marketing

First of all, we will need an opt-in so we can capture the emails of those ideal customers that are interested in hearing from us. You can’t run an online business without an email contact list. It’s the only way that you own your audience and have the freedom to run things on your terms.

If you are more invested in using social marketing, as I know several businesses that do, that is great, but you should still start an email list. One never knows when that social media platform will change things up, throwing your business into a tailspin.

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Why Use Mailchimp For Email Marketing?

Mailchimp is an excellent starter email marketing service to get you started. It’s free up to your first 2000 contacts. And it’s easy to use and not so robust that you’ll get even more lost and not email market at all.

Mailchimp Details

There are, of course, different payment plans for Mailchimp. I’d start with the free version first to get yourself acquainted with email marketing. Of course, once you have your 2000 contacts, you’ll have to either invest some money and upgrade or pick a different service if you aren’t satisfied.

Basics For Free Version

1 audience
1 seat with owner’s permission
A limited selection of basic, and featured, and themed email templates
Single email automation
Basic reporting


The word audience is a fancy word for your subscribers or contacts. These are the people that are signing up because they want to hear from you. Or you have an awesome opt-in to share with them.

With Mailchimp, you can create one list and then tag them or categorize them into groups. If you are in the beginning stages, you will probably have one offer so that this audience building will serve you well.

Audiences are the main thing that you are going to concern yourself with to start.

Quick note, if you hire someone to do your email marketing, you can permit them to make changes in the backend with the free version too. All you need to do is add them.

Tags and Segments

With the free version, you’ll get the tag and segment feature. You will use the tags to sort your audience. So you only need one audience because you can use tags and segments to separate the audience up.

For instance, if some of your audience signed up for the opt-in but others got on your list from say an e-book you sell, you can separate them by using tags.

Templates With Mailchimp For Email Marketing

The templates will be limited, but it’s an excellent way to simplify overwhelm by starting small. Once you have played with the templates and you are more confident, you’ll be able to tackle more.

Email Automation

Although there is only single automation, you won’t need to expand for a while. As Amy Porterfield always says: “Start simple and get fancy later.”

If this is one thing that you have ignored or put off because it gives you hives, then starting small will get you time to play with the program before buying a more robust program and getting lost in it. Remember, it’s essential to simplify the overwhelm to get you moving than paralyzing you in fear.

Now, if your list grows and you are more comfortable with email marketing, you can always move to the next level. You don’t have to wait to have 2000 subscribers. You can do this at any time

The next level is called Essential and gives you 500 contacts. Then it’s pay as you go, so the price will be based on how many subscribers you have after 500.

When you use a simpler less robust service to start with email marketing, you'll have less overwhelm or more success in the beginning.
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Essential level

This level will increase your features:

3 audiences
3 seats with Owner and Admin permission
All email templates
A/B testing
Scheduled email campaigns
24/7 access to email and chat support

The value in this level is access to support and A/B testing. The testing will give you the information you’ll need to see if your opt-in is working or if you need to tweak it.

But to keep it simple and get started in the email marketing world, I would suggest you go with the free version and move on from there. You can test the program before you stick any money into it.

As you get more confident and your business grows, you will want to upgrade. There is never a one size fits all for a business.

That is the basic of Mailchimp and what it offers for email marketing. To get started, you can go to Mailchimp and sign up for the free account.

Are you doing email marketing? Or does it have you paralyzed? Please drop a comment below how you got started with it or what is holding you back.

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