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Why You Need Help In Your Business

Have you’ve been dreaming about starting a new career? A new business? But you have no idea how to get started or how you’ll do everything. Hire a VA. More on this later.

Your full-time job requires so much of your energy, and you need your job.

But you’d like to set yourself up for the future of more freedom. You’d like to work past retirement at your own pace and in your way.

Having a positive mindset is the most important. Because building a business is hard.

There are business tasks that you can do, but they are time-consuming, and you don’t feel like you’re going to get them right. You have to learn them first, but you’d rather work on the task that you enjoy and are good with.

And you should. But how? You’ll only be able to accomplish that with help.

They say to make money; you need to hire people. Yet it’s hard to hand over the money for the tasks you can do on your own. And you may even feel like if your business isn’t taking off that you don’t deserve help.

It Is A Mindset Switch

You have to give yourself a break and know that you are worth the help. When you have these thoughts, it’s your fear coming into play. Everyone, including you, deserves support with their business. You are putting out an important message to the world.

But how do you know who to trust so you won’t get led wrong? And can you afford it?

So do you go it alone even if you know it’ll take precious time away from getting the outcome you want?

To improve, you sometimes have to hand the power over to someone else.

But how?

One way is to hire a VA for a few hours a week. Or you could look for a VA to do the techie things. These would be the things that take you forever. The things that frustrate you and you dread.

What Is A VA?

Virtual Assistant. Basically, they can be anything you want them to be. They can do data entry, take care of your customers, or manage your email.

These VA’s will come pretty cheap.

If it’s the technical stuff you want to unload, hire a VA that knows how to master the programs that you use. Look for the VA’s that offer packages instead of time. By doing this, it’ll give you time back for what you do best.

If it's the technical stuff you want to unload, hire a VA that knows how to master the programs that you use. Look for the VA's that offer packages instead of time. By doing this, it'll give you time back for what you do best. Click To Tweet

How To Hire Out

Decide on the tasks that if you had a choice, you wouldn’t do. What are the things that you’d love to skip? Or what are the things that you don’t hate and semi like but feel your time could be spent elsewhere?

If you delegate a task that takes you forever, you’ll be able to do what you’re called to do.

A business has to run on many different levels. And you don’t have to be exceptional at every task. But you do have to be able to hand over the job that someone else can do.

How To Delegate

For instance, in your business, you could delegate social media to someone or a to a service that can do it in record time. Find someone recommended by others.

If it’s uploading a blog, find a VA to do that for you. Those tasks are time-consuming, and if you provide the content, they can do the tasks to make your blog look professional. They can upload your content, pictures that you either provide or they find, and take care of the SEO tasks. Look for someone that knows Word Press, and you won’t have to worry about it. You can provide your content that gets your message out there.

To improve, you sometimes have to hand the power over to someone else.

Do The Personality Test With Your VA

It’s also essential to work with someone that you feel is a good fit. Take recommendations from others, but test out the VA to see if they will support your message, personality, and your mission. The last thing you want to do is work with someone that you don’t mesh with.

And don’t use the price as an excuse to use the cheapest VA if you don’t feel that they will resonate with you.

Once you have decided on a few VA’s, have a chat with all of them face to face to make sure they are right for you and your business. By doing this, it’ll help you to narrow your choices down even more.

You may have to have more than one chat. And if one is a good fit and cheaper, then, by all means, use that one.

Once you’ve decided on a VA, you can choose what package to purchase. Or if they charge by the hour, you’ll choose how many hours to start working with them. The hourly rate is an excellent way to get your feet wet working with a VA.

Communication Is Key.

You have to be honest with them. Tell the prospected VA what you are hoping to get out of this. Then you can decide which size package to purchase. If you are still worried about the price or can’t afford what you want, buy the cheapest package for the start of working with your new VA. Later as your business grows and you are more comfortable with your VA, you can purchase the more expensive package. At least, for now, you will have removed some of the tasks from your to-do list.

The important thing is to vet your VA and know what you’re expecting from one another. Your relationship can build from there.

Do you have a VA? How did you find them? Drop a comment below.

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