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Attracting Your Ideal Client Can Be Tricky But Easy

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Drawing in your audience is hard, especially in the beginning. You’ll have to research and test a lot. But once you’ve done the ICA (ideal client avatar) research and you have an idea of who you’re helping, then the how should be easier for you.

But if you are like me, you had a hard time trying to find that ICA because you’ve always lead a low profile. You know you have something to offer. And you’ve studied it for months, but you haven’t been on social media building a following. And you have a hard time knowing what to say.

We are shy. Nope. We are introverts.

But you can still be an introvert and give your gifts to the world. It might go up against your fear, but it can be done.

After The ICA Research

At this time, I’ll assume that you have done the ICA research, and you have narrowed them down to a niche. You know you need to talk to that one person. Also, you know their language.

So what to create?

Find their pain points. These are what they are struggling with the most. You can use google search for this if you don’t have an audience. When you google search pay attention to the section: people also ask section. These areas of google search will give you a good insight as to what your ICA problem areas are. It will also expand your ideas for the future. You can use this information as content in your blog, podcast, or social media posts.

The next area in google search to look at is at the bottom of the page. It’s called searches related to. Again this will give you even more ideas.

You can also join some Facebook groups and see what kind of questions they are asking.

Take these ideas and expand your search. Start a frequently asked questions notebook you can refer to again and again. I learned this from The Techie Mentor Susan Mershon.

From that notebook, you can take one thing and decide what to produce. It’ll help you to find what is the best thing to create for your audience.

Brainstorm Freebie for your ICA. This workbook will give you an ideal of what you can create for your ICA freebie to gain subscribers.
A workbook to give you ideas what to produce for your ICA.

Don’t Make It Too Complicated

Of course, if you are going to gain subscribers and audience members for your content, it has to be a good freebie. Don’t cheat your audience by just slapping something together. Put a little time and effort into it.

On the other hand, don’t make it so complicated that you don’t get anything out there to attract your audience.

Different Content To Create

The easiest to create is a checklist. Are there ten things that you can give your ICA that will clarify their pain points? Can you do it in a way that they will think this information is precisely what I needed to get me unstuck? That is the kind of content you’re looking to create.

Another easier one is a cheat sheet. Give your audience a few different ways of how you do things.

A few more in-depth freebies are Ebook, Workbook, and PDF.

These may take a little longer to produce, but you can give your audience more information. You can take your ICA deeper. Give them your best stuff. Produce something that will wow them and make them their go-to source. Create content that makes them come to you for answers.

Where To Go To Create Your Freebie

Canva (affiliate link) is an excellent online program I use for all my creating. It’s easy, and it’s cheap. Either you can do it for free, or if you want a few more features, the monthly fee is $12.95.

Use the report feature if you want to do the ebook, workbook, or PDF. You can pay for one of the templates, but they also have several free templates. You can customize it to include your logo and your branding colors.

If this is too high tech for you or it makes you uncomfortable, it may be a good idea to hire it out instead. This way, you can give them all the content and graphics you want to include and take the stress off of your plate.

Give Yourself Permission

It is a bit scary to put your freebie out there, and you may fear that no one will want it. Or maybe you worry it’s not good enough. But if you don’t create it, you’ll never know. So you have to push past the fear and do it. Believe that you have something to offer.

If you get a weak response toward the freebie, go back to the drawing board and try again. When you have the right one, you’ll know it. And then, you can base your content and your offers around it.

Plus, once you figure out how your freebie is working, you have something to use for Facebook ads. You can use it to refer to in your conversations. But unless you make it, you won’t be able to do that.

Where To Place The Freebie

Put the freebie on the home page of your website. You can also add it to your Facebook page. Use it on Instagram. Remind your subscribers that you have it. It gives you something to talk about in every blog, email, and social media.

It might take a few tries. It could take a while for it to find it’s the right audience. But once you do, you are started. And all it takes sometimes is to get started. Not to mention, it’ll give you an excellent opportunity to get to know what you are to serve your community. You’ll build your relationship with them. And relationships are what will sell your product, course, or service. We are human, and we are all about relationships. It’ll repel what you don’t want, and attract what you do want.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Get to work creating your freebie. I have a workbook to get you started. Fill it out to get you closer to what you should create.

What freebie are you going to create? Drop a comment below and let me know.

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