Being multi-passionate doesn't mean that you have to choose one passion over the other.

Are you multi-passionate? Do you find that you can’t commit to one thing because there is always something else tugging at your heart?

If you’re creative, you’re always going to be called to create. And concentrating on one thing is going to be difficult. So why not let your creativity run the show?

You Can Do More Than One Thing At A Time & Be Multi-Passionate

The main message for a multi-passionate creative is to do one passion at a time. And it is true that concentrating on one thing is going to push the needle forward faster. Doing multi things at the same time will slow the process down. Because to concentrate on the one thing, you’ll be able to focus better. Or will you?

I have found that I can do one thing for a while but then I get distracted and pulled to do something else. This makes me give up before I’ve even been able to gain any traction. Is this you too? Do you have so many things that you want to do and try that you get nowhere?

Satisfy Your Subconscious

Your subconscious is going to be pulling you away from your projects telling you lies. And you’ll constantly be fighting it. Your progress may be limited. But what if you feed the beast? What if you take two of your passions and split the time between the two?

In order to feed your multi-passionate subconscious, you’ll have to make one a priority and the other more like a hobby passion project.

For instance, I like to write and craft. So I’ve been splitting my time between making SVG and printable designs for my Etsy shop Inspired and Create and also my cozy mystery writing. I normally only spend about a half-hour writing and more like two hours or more creating the designs and uploading them into my Etsy shop. It keeps my story in my head and lets me create designs.

What Are You Multi-Passionate About?

Take some time and pick your two passions. You may have more but decide on the top two. Then from there decide which one will take priority over the other. How much time will you spend on both? You may get to a point where one takes over the other and that’s okay. Go with it. Let your muse take the lead.

If there are any more projects that are calling to you, try and put them aside. Maybe make a plan of attack of what you need to do or learn to accomplish them. And in your free time work on that. But don’t let it take up the time you need on your current passions.

Do you think this will work for you? Drop a comment and let me know which projects you have decided to work on first and let me know how it goes for you.

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