In this soul talk we are going to discuss the negative impact of words. Just one negative word can change your mood from positive to negative. Then we will discuss ways that we can change our perspective from negative to positive.

Then for the soul craft I have a Dance in the Rain card how to.

Soul Talk

When I was a little girl, my parents were not good at encouraging us children. It might have been just the ways things were back then. And positivity wasn’t something that we practiced.

In fact they pointed out what we screwed up and how we disappointed them more than they looked for the good we did.

The negativity ran thick in the atmosphere. My parents didn’t get along and whatever that brought them together, dimmed more and more each year. They were on different paths. Total different paths.

I have some not so fond memories of my mother talking under her breath. I remember cringing a few times. I didn’t understand why she just couldn’t be happy. Why she had to bring down the moment with negativity.

Then I grew up and I caught on. I also inherited the negative energy and thoughts that circled around me. My own words in my head picked up the negative impact.

Words can either lift you up or tear you down. But you can change the narrative of those words with a few small tweaks.
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My Mom was unhappy back then. And she never could see the flip side from her annoyance she experienced. It saddens me that I couldn’t give her the happiness that she wanted.

The thing of it is, if you let yourself wallow in that negativity, there is no room for the sun to shine in.

There may be moments of happiness but when you thrive on negativity, unconsciously or not, you look for the clouds to come back.

I don’t believe we seriously want to be unhappy but we are afraid to not be prepared for the bad things that might come our way.

So how do we turn this around?

How do we look for the sunshine in our lives everyday even when it’s cold, dark and dreary outside? (I live in Wisconsin and let me tell you, there are more cloudy days than sunny days at this time of the year. But that isn’t the point.) How do we turn the negative impact around?

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

It’s the buzz word of this decade now. Or maybe it always has been but I wasn’t up to hearing about it. In all honestly, it really is the cure all. The experts say to concentrate on what you can be grateful about at any given moment.

Write down five things you are grateful for every morning even if they are the same five every morning.

The other day I was listening to a Rachel Hollis YouTube video. She suggested having trigger points during your day. When you are the most annoyed say out loud what you are grateful for. If you can feel the negative tension in your body, look for what you are grateful right in that moment. Relax your body and turn the negative impact into positive.

I decided to do it whenever I get stopped at a red light. I have a lot of red lights on my way to work and I swear I hit everyone every single day. And when I sail through one with a green light, I state I’m grateful for that.

It’s a process but work hard to make it a knee jerk reaction to keep the negative thoughts at bay.

Watch What Negative Impact You Are Putting Into Your Head

We live in a very negative world. The news is never positive. TV is full of reality shows that sucked me lately. I’ve slowly backed off of them.

The people on these shows are paid to give us drama. Let’s be serious. Why would we want to watch a show about real people that didn’t have drama and problems in their lives? That would make for boring TV. The problem with that is I feel we reward bad behavior because we are the ones watching those shows.

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And yes I am guilty of that too.

As you’re watching that particular show, ask yourself what you are feeling. Is it stirring you up inside in a bad way? Is it turning you into an agitated person?

If it upsets you, then don’t watch.

My Dad once told me that the news was really upsetting him. It was making his blood pressure rise. He was a news channel junkie. I told him that maybe he should back off on the news so it wouldn’t get him riled up. When he asked about how he would know what was going on than, I told him that sometimes it’s better not to know. Not to dwell on it. Of course I don’t think he listened to me but when he was dying, he had no interest in the news. So I guess it wasn’t as important as he thought it was.

Instead listen to music that moves you, podcasts that fire you up, or read self-help books that will give you the drive to change.

Work on Turning Your Thoughts Around

This will be a practice you will have to do daily. Each time you have a negative thought, change it up to positive.

For instance:

Change I’ll never have what she has to; if she can do it, so can I.

Change I’ll never have any money to; soon my hard work will pay off.

Change I’ll never be skinny to; I’m going to eat one meal to a healthy meal.

Take the word never out of your vocabulary. Always find ways to use the words can and will whenever you can.

I have negative thoughts every day. The trick is to catch them before they take root. I’ll literally tell myself no. I choose not to believe that. Or that’s not true. And then I’ll set my subconscious straight to what is true or what I do choose to believe.

It may make you feel a little wonky sometimes but it does work. My son told me that he has to believe in the positive because he refuses to believe anything else.

Bad things will happen. It’s a given. But the way we look at things and the way we change it to mean this is happening for me not to me, is the key to not diving deep into the negative, unhappy pool of crap.

If nothing else, do a soul craft like this Dance in the Rain card:

Soul Craft

Dance in the Rain

 I used my favorite color of blue cardstock as the base.

Then I went to Cricut Design Space and searched for a dancer. I found the perfect one. I cut it out on black cardstock and attached it to the card using adhesive glue dots.

The dancing girl came from Design Space and was cut out using the Cricut Explore Air.
Dancing Girl From Design Space And Cut with Cricut Explore Air

In’spire by Spellbinders has an umbrella die. The umbrella was cut with the die on a deep pink cardstock. For the top of the umbrella I used a patterned cardstock by American Crafts and one of the dies in the In’spire set.

This was attached to the left of the girl with the handle anchored under the girl’s hand.

Umbrella cut with the die from in'spire by Spellbinders.
The Girl holding the Umbrella

I also used Design Space to draw the words Dance in the Rain. A ways back I had purchased the Bellatine Pro Alt 2 font. It was sized to fit the card and the Nested flower die.

This was attached to left bottom corner.

I encourage you to dance in the rain in spite of what you might be going though.
Still Needs Some Bling

To symbolize rain, I colored white gems blue with a Sharpie marker and put them under the umbrella.

White gems were used to symbolize rain drops.
Colored White Gems for Raindrops

This card is to keep negative thoughts at bay for someone who needs a little pick me up.

This is a good card to brighten the day of someone who needs a bit of encouragement.
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Drop a comment below to what you do to keep it positive.

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