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List Building Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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An opt-in or freebie is something that you’ll need to build your list, especially at the beginning of building your business. If you were like me, you resisted this for so long. 

What is building a freebie? How do I do that? More importantly, what do I do with it once I made it? Who’s going to want it?

That would be your ego talking and getting in your way. It will try to keep you safe and not want you to get out of your comfort zone. 

But your ego won’t get your business to make you money. And if you’re like me, you are here to learn how to make money. Or how to run a business.

Part of that is an email list. And to get subscribers, you need an opt-in freebie to plaster all over the place. It has to be something that your business is all about. 

Why The Checklist?

The checklist will be the easiest thing that you can make to get you started, especially if you have no list at the moment. You don’t need anything complicated, but something that is the core of your business. Give your best info away for free. It’ll be something that your ICA is going to bite at first. 

You have to build the trust and like factor before you can ask them to buy from you. Your future customer needs to get to know you. So let them. And one way is to give away your best stuff for free because it’ll intrigue them to go further and purchase your offer.

So start small with a checklist. 

Types Of Checklist

The checklist is a step by step guide that you think your audience should know. Like a step by step guide of how to ready your kitchen for the Keto diet. Or the correct form to do a pushup. Something like that. 

What is that you do in your business every day that’ll wow your ICA?

It could be how to make out a budget that works. Or you could show the steps to set a fancy theme table. What to make sure they have for their 4th of July party. It could be what you need to plan the perfect vacation.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

How To Make The Opt-In Freebie Checklist?

I use Canva for my freebies. You can search for types of checklists in the search bar, and it will bring up several templates. I chose this one:

To change the image to match your brand, click on any area. Once highlighted, you can edit any way you want. You can delete that particular element of it also.

Once you click on that element, you can change the font to match your brand. It is in the upper left corner. Click the down arrow button to bring up the available fonts.

To change the color of the font to match your brand, select the A, and it will bring up shades on the left side. Here you can hit the multi-color square, and then you can enter the hex number for your color. 

For the background, choose the background and change it the same way you changed the font color.

Below is what it looks like after I have edited it. Canva is very easy to use because it gives you the templates to edit.

If you want to grab this checklist for a reminder of the steps to add the freebie to your website, you’re welcome to it.

How To Set Up In Your Blog With ConvertKit

Once you have it created, you need to put it on your website. These are the steps to do that.

  1.  In ConvertKit, choose Landing Pages & Forms at the top.
  2.  Choose a template.
  3.  Edit the template to match your brand.
  4.  Save it.
  5.  Click on the double gear icon in the menu bar. Choose to send subscribers to thank you page so that you can send the link it that email.
  6.  Save.

Now You Need To Make The Thank You Email With The Link

  1.  Go to automation.
  2.  Choose new automation. 
  3.  Create automation.
  4.  Pick is added to tag.
  5.  From the drop-down, choose what automation you are working with.
  6.  Add your tag description. 
  7.  Select add event.
  8.  Hit the + sign below your landing page.
  9.  Select Action.
  10. Then email sequence.
  11. Name it.
  12. Add Action.
  13. Click on the email and write your email you would like your subscriber to receive. Remember to include your link for your freebie.
  14. Go to the top right and select save all.

Now when your subscriber chooses to get your opt-in freebie, they will come to the landing page, and then after they fill out their info, they will get the email with the link. You have your subscriber, and they have your killer freebie.

Some of these directions may be confusing, so I created a checklist for you to use when you are creating your freebie landing page. It is a lot of steps and is sometimes hard to remember. I created this same checklist for myself. 

You can either use it for yourself, give to your VA, or I can create the freebie, landing page, and thank you email.

These directions are for ConvertKit because it is what I use and the email service I help my clients with. But you should be able to find similar instructions for your email service. If you are thinking of switching because yours is too complicated, I have an affiliate link for ConvertKit if you are interested. It is a very easy service to use.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below or contact me at

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