Happiness comes from personal development. Personal development is something in our lives that we should always be studying. It doesn’t matter what age you are. I believe it’s the key to staying young.

In mind, body, and spirit.

It’s a tool that you can use to keep your mind active because you are always learning. There is never enough knowledge you can inquire about, especially in this ever-changing world.

The world doesn’t stay stagnant, so why should you?

When we get older, there is a tendency to think that we deserve to relax and do nothing. And we do deserve that, but why would you?

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If you stop learning, you’ve stopped living.

So how do we go about always improving our lives?

We never stop studying.


There are so many books out there on self-development. Good books. Some people get it figured out early on in life.

At 56, it’s taken me a while. But I’m never going to stop. I watched my mother as she aged, but her dreams never died. Even when she was dying, she was making plans for the future. And then she remembered it was too late.

Fear stopped my mother from doing the things she wanted to do so many times. But those dreams stayed in her head. And then when she realized that she’d never be able to anymore, it saddened her. And I think she was angry at herself that she didn’t follow through.

She was fortunate enough to have her mind until the end. But sometimes I wonder if it would have been easier for her if she hadn’t.

Because she lived in her own prison.

Friends, don’t wait until it’s too late. Pursue that dream today. I know some things might be getting in your way, but find a way to get started on it today.

Maybe it’s just getting a book or watching something on YouTube. Something to get the momentum going and keep it going until you’re able to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Or maybe, for now, it has to be something on a smaller scale.

Keep Your Dream Alive

Keep your mind active in your dream, but don’t let it make you stop living because you fear that it’s too late. Because like my mother, it wasn’t too late until it was.

You’ll never be truly happy unless you’re in pursuit of that dream in some capacity.

If it’s a business, all you need is an internet connection, and you can do that business from anywhere at any time. In this day and age, you have all the technology you need at your fingertips and makes starting a home-based business easier.

Or, get yourself out in the field to soak up the knowledge of others by volunteering your time, you’ll be able to learn about it first hand.

Maybe you want to travel, and you don’t have anyone to join you. There are bus tours that are a bit more structured, but they will give you the security of traveling alone. Plus, they plan it all out, and you don’t have to worry about anything cost of the tour and your meals.

Find a way to earn money. Maybe it’s getting another part-time job. Or perhaps you can take your talents and start a side gig.

There is a podcast by Chris Guillebeau called Side Hustle School. It gives real-life instances where people took an idea and turned it into a profit.


It’s essential to keep all your body parts moving at any age, but especially after 50. You’ll notice more aches and pains and things that you never felt before.

Menopause is not an excuse to stop moving. And if you gained weight because of menopause, you can lose it with the help from cannabishealthinsider. It may not happen as fast, but it can is attainable.

A great podcast by Dr. Deb Butler called Thinner Peace In Menopause gives you great tips on how to lose weight after menopause.

And just because you may not get back to your weight as a 20-year-old, doesn’t mean you should give up.

If you can’t afford to eat the purest food, don’t sweat it. Just do what you can. I know in the small community I live in, the organic food is expensive. I’m not a good cook, and I have a hard time making the food edible. But I still can do my best.

Go for whole foods. And maybe spend more on your meat. You don’t have to give up sweets, but you should limit them to a minimum like perhaps one treat a week. Or if you’re fantastic in the kitchen, you could mess around with things until they pass your taste test.

But limit sugar as much as you can. It can cause inflammation in the joints and all kinds of issues.

And move your body for at least 30 minutes a day. Moving will clear your mind as well as keep your joints and muscles healthier. If you stop moving, your body will get stiff, and it will be harder to get started again later.

Lastly, you should add some resistance training to your routine. It doesn’t have to be heavyweights but something to keep your muscles trained. Because when you get older, as you might already know, the muscles lose their strength, and then it’s harder to get around. It’s good to keep your muscles strong to live a longer, healthier life.

Spirit & Personal Development

Your spirit is as important as the other two. In this world, it’s so easy to fall into the blame game. But that won’t get you anywhere. Stay in your own lane. I know it’s hard not to get involved in the messy stuff. You have an opinion, and it might even be a good one, but sometimes it’s better for you not to give it.

As you age, it’s vital to your wellbeing to protect your spirit. It’s a time in your life when the loss is inevitable, and you’ll have hard days ahead.

Keep your sanity by reading good personal development books like Brenden Bushard, Rachel Hollis, and Gabby Berstein. Any books that make your spirit healthy and in the right place.

Because once your spirit takes a hit, keeping the other two healthy will be even harder.

I hope this article has helped you. Let me know what your dreams are and how you plan to keep them alive. Drop a comment below.

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