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Poinsettia Flower For Christmas, Cricut Style

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Every Christmas, you can spot Poinsettia flowers wherever you look. They are the signature flower of Christmas after all. And now they don’t only come in red. They’re beautiful even if it can be overkill sometimes.

But when you don’t have the right lighting or have a brown thumb like me, it’s hard to keep them alive through the entire holiday season. Plus the winter cold of Wisconsin doesn’t help them thrive. If you are able to make them survive the season, you end up pitching them in the New Year. Call me crazy but I find that so sad. I don’t want to kill a plant. Yes I know it is only a plant but when I have one I feel obligated to keep it alive. I have one at work that was given to me that is two years old. I have no idea how it is surviving, but it is. The leaves even turn red once in a while. I just don’t have the heart to throw it out.

I know there are fake ones out there but why buy one of those when you have a Cricut Explore? This led me to try something different this year. To save myself the struggle, I decided to let my Cricut do the work.

I found an image of a poinsettia in Cricut design space. When you have the access membership, there are tons of several images to use that are free. And because I wasn’t sure which way to go, I did it three different ways.

How to make the first Cricut Poinsettia

Because I already had a couple of prepared canvas, I decided to use them. The 8×10 canvas had been painted with Folk Art metallic, sterling silver acrylic paint. It was painted with three coats to cover it fully. This metallic paint is one of my favorites to use as background paint because of the shine it gives.

Painted with Folk Art metallic, sterling silver acrylic paint.

For the first flower I decided to use vinyl. The colors I used were red, bronze and glitter green. Cricut will sort it onto three different mats because it sorts by color. I didn’t worry about using transfer paper to remove the vinyl because the pieces were so big. Instead I just peeled off the vinyl and put it on the canvas board like putting a puzzle together. For some reason I get a great sense of satisfaction doing it this way.

First I put the petals around the gold center.

Then came the gold leaves

And last I added the glitter green.

Of course I used my red self-adhesive gems to give it even more pizazz.

I put it into a red frame to finish it off. The red frame gives it even more of a pop.

Cut from an image found in Cricut design space using vinyl.
Vinyl cut Cricut Poinsettia.

How to make the second poinsettia flower craft

Cricut paper was used for the next flower. When you use paper to make a Christmas flower, it gives it a bit more of a 3D effect.

From the Cricut holiday sampler, I used the red, light green and dark green paper. Cricut cardstock is perfect to make flowers with. It also allows you to manipulate the petals and curl them. The curled petal ends will make it pop off the canvas. After I cut them out, I glued them to the silver painted board leaving the petal ends loose.

The different leaves were also glued on, but I didn’t curl them. I glued them on flat. On the last picture the holly branch didn’t cut out very well so I omitted it. But for this poinsettia Cricut design, I added it back in. Then I put the red self-adhesive gems on as the berries as well as in the center.

It was framed it in a red painted frame to finish the holiday Cricut Poinsettia off.

Cut from the Cricut design space image.  I used the holiday sampler Cricut cardstock.
Paper cut Cricut poinsettia flower.

How to make the third Cricut Poinsettia

Cricut has several different pens you can use in the Cricut Explore Air. So for the last flower design, I decided to have the Cricut draw the same image.

The pens I used are medium tip in the colors of gold, very berry and sour apple. This of course was the easiest option.

I used a single sheet of Core’dination cardstock in the color of vanilla cream.

The Explore Air will guide you and tell you when to switch the pens. But other than that, you can set back and let the machine do the work.

As you can see in the image in the center of the flower, I tried to color in the circles the Cricut Explore drew, but I didn’t like the look. It was a bit blah. So I again used the red gems and also added them to the holly berry branch.

The dollar store has frames but they aren’t very sturdy. However, for this Poinsettia craft, it was perfect. I took out the glass and glued the vanilla cream paper to the picture frame backing.

Using the Cricut drawning option to draw a Poinsettia Christmas craft. I used the very berry, sour apple and gold medium pens.
Cricut drawn Poinsettia

And those are my versions of the Christmas Poinsettia flower. No water required and no special lighting needed. These are my kind of Christmas flower for Christmas. These home décor pictures can be used year after year and they put my craft skills to good use.

Try these simple solutions to show off your poinsettia craft. You can jazz them up any way you want to. The image is there to give you motivation and spark your creative juices. But if you are in a time crunch or not ready to dive in deep this simple image does the trick.

Cricut pens were used to drawn this Christmas picture. This is only one of the ways to use the Cricut. This flower can also be created with vinyl and cardstock.
Cricut Poinsettia design with Cricut pens.

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